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This is one of the worst packaged-with-some-effort soundtracks I have ever seen. I appreciate that SOME effort went into putting it together, but I spent more effort writing this comment than the amount that was exerted putting this soundtrack together. To be absolutely clear, I'm not talking about the music; I'm talking about the files.

ISSUE 1: MP3 bitrate

I know this is a mostly-atmospheric soundtrack, but that's no excuse to choose a 64kbps bitrate. That was considered low-quality twenty years ago. 320kbps became the standard for MP3 several years ago, before this game was released.

ISSUE 2: Recording settings

This isn't an issue, but is an annoyance nonetheless. The recording settings for these files are a mix of 16 and 24bit sample size and 44100 and 48000 Hz sample rate. Consistent settings couldn't be used for all of the songs (or even consistent settings for all of the songs by each artist separately)?

ISSUE 3: Metadata

There are multiple issues with the metadata.

1. The MP3 Title tags have "Music Desolation Mickgordon" and "Music Desolation Brotherhood" prepended to the actual titles.

2. The FLAC Title tags are all lowercase, not proper case.

3. The Title tags for "Windy Synth" and "All Things Must End" have their spaces and subsequent-word capitalization removed (so the MP3 titles are "Music Desolation Mickgordon Windysynth" and "Music Desolation Mickgordon Allthingsmustend" and the FLAC titles are "windysynth" and "allthingsmustend").

4. Track 18 artist is listed as "The Brotherhood" in the MP3 file, but "Mick Gordon" in the FLAC file.

Below are the recording/encoding details for the soundtrack files

64 kbps 48000 Hz Joint Stereo for tracks 1-8 (Mick Gordon)
64 kbps 44100 Hz Joint Stereo for tracks 9-17 (The Brotherhood)
64 kbps 48000 Hz Joint Stereo for track 18 (The Brotherhood)
ID tags (Track #, Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Comment) and 1000x1000 cover art

2-channel, 24bit, 48000Hz sample rate for tracks 1-7 (Mick Gordon)
2-channel, 16bit, 48000Hz sample rate for track 8 (Mick Gordon)
2-channel, 16bit, 44100Hz sample rate for tracks 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, and 17 (The Brotherhood)
2-channel, 24bit, 44100Hz sample rate for tracks 10, 11, and 15 (The Brotherhood)
2-channel, 24bit, 48000Hz sample rate for track 18 (Mick Gordon)
Metadata (Track #, Title, Artist, Album) and 1920x1490 cover art