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I played beatcop with the first version released on gog and the text was deep dark colored, pixely/blocky and it's fine because that's what i expected for this game) and, in fact, easy to read, even on lower resolutions (if i want to stream it and have my peeps to follow the dialogs)

now i dont know if i didnt pay attention or if i touched whatever setting i didnt know about (option menu is rather simple though, so, i'm not sure) or if it was something changed in last patch but now text is dark greyish with some sort of antialiasing, a bit like the 2xSai filter you can find on DosBox and some emulators; it makes the text barely readable even for me who is at 10 inches of my screen.

Question: is there a way (hidden commandline parameter, .ini/config file to edit, shader file to delete from game folder) to prevent this filter ?

the rest of the game visual doesnt seem to be impacted and is as pixely and blocky as one can like, but text bubbles is a pure disaster to me...

Thank you in advance
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