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I've just been fooling around getting used to the editor again and I've put together a blank map for use by map makers as I wasn't sure if my old blank maps for BZ2 would still work anymore.

This is a smallish map based off the IA map bridges, it uses the Mire tileset but this can be changed by editing the .TRN file using notepad or the text editor of your choice.

I've removed all objects from the map except for the player ship (never remove the player ship ! ),the terrain has been flattened and I've also removed all of the the textures apart from the layer 0 texture and all paths in shift-f9 mode except for edge_path, the map .dll has been set to empty.dll.

This map is intended as a template for use by advanced map makers who are familiar with the paths used in shift-f9
etc. it can be used as base for any map type you want, strat,DM, IA, etc.

here's a link to the download.

I'll probably add a few more blank maps and other bits and bobs as I go.


link to the second Blank map based on ground4 :
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I've just updated the map Blank1 to correct the name of the edge_path, I'm not sure why but it was named path_1 in the map I used to create it (bridges2i.bzn).
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I've uploaded a second blank map, a much larger one this time based on the FFA map ground4, same deal as the first blank map, I've removed all objects except for the player ship, flattened the terrain and removed textures from all layers except layer 0, this time around I've added an edge_path as there wasn't one on the original map.

I'll keep all the links in the first post of this thread to make stuff easier to find.
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