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Dear Rebellion

Multiplayer is dead on both your games BZ1 Remaster and BZ2 remaster.

That seem to be the opposite result of what it supposed to be

Please think about creating the patch releasing all DRM from Multiplayer in both games and give them back to community, this might also mean more money from sold copies.

Good luck
Just let this game and BZ1 die
All of it was nothing but a huge scam so Rebellion could fund more of their crappy 2000AD Ip's and comic

BZ2 still has Vertical mouse issues, Joystick doesnt work well or the game doesnt even recognize it(i own a t16000m FCS), the Source code is lost due to Rebelion's cheap job, and they called the community a bunch of a holes for being right about the game being such a bad state even for modding, it feels unfinished.
Even Activision of all companies would do better.

worse is that they didn't even offered the original games as bonus.
Post edited December 25, 2020 by duoranger