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... well, does it? :D
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A little, but not quite. If there is, it's nothing as obvious as it is in the classics like Starcraft and the Command and Conquer games.

There are things like the mortars and the ISDF Plasma cannon (Assault mode) being good against gun towers and rockets vs. air units and whatnot, but overall it is mostly a case of weapons having different penetration levels and the different tanks have different levels of armour plating and hitpoints.

It follows the usual convention where a fast firing machine gun will tear through a weak vehicle like an ISDF Thunderbolt or Scion Scout, but will have a much harder time against an ISDF Sabre medium tank or Scion Warrior. For them you switch to the slower and more expensive weapons like the cannons or rockets which work better at getting through the tougher plates.

Tanks have a variety of gun hard points that can take one one or more of the different weapon classes so you have some vehicles that specialise and some that can take on diverse roles.