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One of the cornerstones of Battlezone is its mod support, and while the Steam version has Steam Workshop, the Gog version has... not. Not at the moment, anyway.

Enter ModDB ( and BZScrap ( The Gog version of the game has a /mods folder in its installation directory that gets treated exactly the same way as the Steam Workshop directory; drop a mod in there and, provided it has all the necessary components, the game will read it just the same. So, mods on Gog!

To mod creators who want to reach the widest audience you can; start uploading your mods to ModDB. Zip them up, add the necessary installation instructions, and upload them as an addon or a mod. Please, please consider uploading your mod to the Steam Workshop; this way the game's Steam community gets it as well. If you don't use Steam, please consider finding another member of the community who does and can upload and maintain your mod there on your behalf.

ModDB allows you to give your mod a full profile, with screenshots and descriptions and comments and ratings and all that good stuff. BZScrap is just a file repository, but it exists as a communtiy backup of everything we can lay our hands on. Two uploads means your mod stays available if one goes down for some reason. To get something on BZScrap, send an e-mail to with your mod as a link or an attachment (sending us a link is easiest for everyone if you already have a ModDB profile).

- On ModDB, addons are one-shot modifications; small projects with a single download. Mods are for larger projects that take longer to develop and are likely to put out more files, and so require an overall profile. Projects like Omega Squadron, Destiny and Battle Grounds should be uploaded as mods; things like the Classic HUD, HD Reticle Pack and Campaign Ammo Fix should be uploaded as addons.

- If you upload multiple maps or mods a single item, make sure you keep them in separate folders. The game detects maps and mods using their .inis and it only detects one per folder.

- Some of the BZScrap staff will be going through and mirroring new ModDB content now and again, but we can't promise we'll catch everything. It gets much easier if you send us e-mails. And if you happen to have an old BZ map or mod that we don't, please do e-mail that to us as well!
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Out of curiosity, why not NexusMods?

EDIT: Nvm, apparently NexusMods doesn't have a BattleZone 98 Redux section (yet).
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