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I've been meaning to get around to trying BZ 1 but haven't gotten to it.

Does this one compare to BZ 2?
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I haven't played redux but in the 98 version you need to collect scrap for resources and therefore you need to micromanage the scavengers which make it more difficult than BZII where you only needed to place factories over a geyser and you don't have repairvehicles like in BZII.

For the rest there had been some interface changes but I don't really remember which one was better and I never played multiplayer so.
Also I think BZ98 has a better singleplayercampaign.
I enjoyed BZ1 more than 2, but it was my first experience in the series, so there's a bit of nostalgia as well. But if you liked BZ2, you should like the original. For 13 bucks (during the sale), I'd definitely recommend it.
Battlezone 1 is awesome. No silly tracked vehicles, ability to move base, and best of all, no Shabayev bossing you around. ;)