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high rated
Hi all,

We have uploaded the original manual for Battle Realms, at last! Sorry it took so long but we do hope that you'll enjoy the high quality manual :)

Thank you for your patience in this matter! :D
This is great! Thank you! One of my favorite strategy games feels a little more complete :)
Wooohoooo! Thanks Judas!
Thanks Judas!
Thanks Judas!
Thank you! =)
<3 <3 <3 Thank you!
Thanks :)
Oh, this is great! Thank you for the manual. :)
I never thought the manual was that important but I own the Prima guide and that has been very nice.
awesome, thank you so much :)
where do I find the manual ?
Ozzkro66: where do I find the manual ?
IK it's kinda late but better late than never I guess. =P

You can find the manual through the game's download page (the same way you download the game's backup installer and every other goodie for it).