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Has anyone managed to beat Battle Isle 1 with the four move/attack limit per turn enabled? This is an option under "Settings", which makes the game a lot harder to beat, compared to having infinite moves per turn available.

I got stuck in the 16th map "River" and wonder if this one is possible at all.
I doubt that it's possible even with the 16 move/attack limit and I'm sure it's impossible with the four move/attack limit.
Thank you for your answer. I tried a few times getting into the HQ early on in the River map, but no luck.

It is interesting though that the first 15 levels can indeed be beaten with just 4 moves. On The Desert data disk I could not even beat the very first level with the 4 move-restriction enabled, while The Moon data disk again seems to work quite well as far as I tried.

I wonder if the 4/8/16 move restriction was chosen somewhat randomly and nobody ever really tested it, hm.

Edit: Lastly I could beat the first few Desert maps, up to map 7 thus far.
Post edited March 23, 2024 by OrionPro