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skymt: I got Incubation running on Windows 10 after staying up way too late last night. Here's how: GOG uses a library called for some games to play back music from .ogg files instead of CD audio. A change in Windows 10 [url=]broke the library, and GOG hasn't shipped an updated version for Incubation. So I replaced its "sound.dll" with the "winmm.dll" from a GOG installation of Jedi Knight.

After that, it would display a black screen and immediately crash. That I fixed by running Incubation's GOG "Settings.exe" and switching from DirectX to 3Dfx mode, which uses the nGlide wrapper. Then I was able to launch the game and load into a mission without any apparent problems.
I have lost music and voices from 3rd cutscenes (briefing at office with "blue woman") - on the intro and first cutscens in game I heard the voices.. I haven't also music during exit from game (scores).

I read the post from other topic and change that sound.dll and now it works perfect.

I am using windows 7.

Thanks a lot !!!
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Sadly all suggested solutions didnt work for me, I still got the same I/O Error. even after replacing the dlls, making sure the legacy component in Win 10 is active, 3dfx mode, etc.
Any advise?
I have (after many days) managed to get Battle Isle 3 to work on my 64-bit Windows 10 PC and I thought I would share how I did it in one place:

1) Obtain a copy of Oracle VirtualBox online (FREE)
2) Obtain an ISO of Windows XP SP3 easily found online with a websearch
3) Run virtuaBox and create a Windows XP machine; load the ISO in as an optical drive (CHeck the boot order) in the VirtualBox dialogue
4) Create the XP machine
5) Load the BI3 ISO in the VirtualBox drive and install BI3 on the Virtual XP machine
6) Copy the data of the CD 1 onto the hard disk into the path: C\BLUEBYTE\SDI - NOTE THAT THIS MAY DIFFER, it is where the game installed
7) Copy the files from the folder C:\BLUEBYTE\SDI\BIN to the folder C:\BLUEBYTE\SDI
8) Copy all DLL files from the folder C:\BLUEBYTE\SDI into C:\ Windows\system32
9) Create a link to the desktop from the startup file "SDI_1R" in the folder C:\BLUEBYTE\SDI

click with the right mouse button on the link, select properties and the add /0 after the target address
OPTIONAL - in the Compatibility tab you set the following: Start Windows SP XP 3 + as administrator (DEPENDS on whether you are already set as ADMIN)

10) Find SDI.INI in the windows directory and edit it to only read the following: (NOTE to check your drive letter for the ISO on the PATH3 line)

PATH3 = D:\
SDIPATH = C: \ Games \ BI3
remotePath =

Make sure there is a SAV directory in the SDI directory - if not create one (Right click)

Finally, check that the screen resolution on the main screen is set to the correct resolution or the game crashes after it starts (right click on windows background, click properties, click settings and then select the screen dimensions to 1024x768)

This information is taken from many many different websites
Wow, that is really impressive work.

Sadly, this is not what i signed up for by buying the game on GOG. Here's hoping they are able to get the game working for us mere mortals soon :)

Tried all of the above to varying results. Mainly that there's no audio after the initial cutscene and the graphics kept flickering.

Found that dgVoodoo resolved all of my issues as long as you select DirectX in settings instead of 3Dfx. Not permitted to post links so just google dgVoodoo.


Replace the sound.dll file with the one from the mega link on the first page (or any other compatible sound.dll)
Download and extract dgVoodoo to a temp folder
Copy the D3D8.dll, D3DImm.dll, DDraw.dll from the /MS subfolder into your Incubation install directory
Copy the dgVoodooCpl.exe into your Incubation install directory
Run Settings.exe as an Administrator and ensure DirectX is selected (it's the default)

The game should hopefully run without issue, and you can use dgVoodooCpl to force resolutions/windowed mode etc.

Hope this helps someone else!

Even with dgVoodoo I was still getting a lot of audio crackling and popping in cutscenes and the in-game music. A ton of googling led me to find a very specific version of winmm.dll that fixes the issue:

Namely the winmm_nomciclose.dll from the above archive. Drop that into your incubation folder, rename it to sound.dll and you're good to go.

Source of the dll was this thread here:
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I get this error with the launcxher. DId compatibility mode and the other tricks here. But still I get this error.