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sorry for my English.

I have question about player time change in BITAW.

I was playing in this game meany years ago an then I was able to extend time of turn up to 30 minutes. I had the time to place every single unit wherever I wanted to. I am little pedantic about that and I love playing like this.

After a little research I discover 2 ways to do that. One is to patch the game to 208 version (what I did years ago and it gives more in game options) and second to enter cheats in game console what enables time stop(?)

I have this game from "Cd-action" magazine in Poland and it is 1.66 version witch is working just fine on win 10 but after I update it to 208 it is not working.

my first question is about the gog version -I am positive that it works on win 10 but is it 208? or another that enables time change? I am willing to buy this game second time if yes.

and second if above is answered no - how to enter cheats in this game? or specific how to reach console to enter this cheats? I found that while playing the game,I should type "alyenya" to enable the Cheats but I have no idea where to type it. Is there a some sort of in-game shortcut to enter console?

I appreciate any help in this topic because such a great games shouldn't be forgotten


is there something wrong with my post? no one can help?
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Hi djwojt3k!

The GOG version is 206, which includes the turn time extension feature.

Build 206

Single-player turn time can be extended to 30 minutes per turn.
Internet multiplayer games can be played with an IP direct connection.
Internet multiplayer games can be saved and loaded in the BBGC-lobby and with IP.
in multiplayer games you can activate a unit limit of 40-150 units.
AI is improved.
AI is moving units 10 times faster (can be activated with F4 and should be deactivated if you have a slow machine).
Multiplayer stability is better now.
More small bug fixes.

Hope this helps.
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