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Starting Andosia War under Win 10 in fullsceen mode displays an unwanted window frame and a white caption bar at the top of the screen. Also these white caption bar hides parts of the game screen. E.g. some buttons informing about display modes are hidden. Unfortunately it is not quite easy to get rid of it. (In Earth 2050 you simply needed to enable the intro video.)

First you have to change the game setup to start in windowed mode with the size of your monitor resolution. This can be done by starting the game executable with "bitaw.exe /setup" on the command line (i.e. you can create a shortcut to bitaw.exe and in "target" add /setup). Activate the checkbox labeled "run windowed". The problem with this windowed setup is that moving the mouse to some edges in the game has no scrolling effect and the Windows desktop taskbar overlapps into the game.

Now download the program "Borderless Gaming". You can get it additionally on if you want to support the developer but for none steam installations it is easier to download from

After installation of Borderless Gaming start it and then BI Andosia War (now in windowed mode). Alt-Tab to Borderless Gaming. In the list on the left side "Battle Isle - The Andosia War" is now listed. Add it to the right panel. Thats all. Borderless Gaming saves it's configuration automatically. The game is immediately displayed in full screen and mouse scrolling is working on all four edges properly. Unfortunately a small black bar remains displayed at the top. But this is not much disturbing. I've tried several other methods and programs and alternating configurations of Borderless Gaming but this gives the best result. (Stretching the game screen to the top border results in erroneous mouse positioning.)

At last you may create a shortcut to Borderless Gaming in the game directory of BI Andosia War. Thus to start the game in fullsreen borderlesss you simply need to double click on this shortcut and then on bitaw.exe.

Recovering from setup failures with bitaw.exe:
Depending on your desktop configuration you probably should ensure that render depth is set to 32 (this value may change automatically if you select another sceen resolution). If the game fails to start after config changes click on the "Set defaults" button (without saving) and select the desired screen resolution as well as set render depth and Z-Buffer to 32.
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Hello SlyMaster,

I encountered the same issue, however I used a simpler fix. Setting the shortcut to Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode fixed the fullscreen window for me.

However you'll have to fiddle with the available resolutions as none seems to be a perfect fit. First of all some 4/3 resolutions will actually do a 16/9 stretched while others won't, and some 16:9 resolution such as 1080p will prevent you from reaching the top of the screen, or have black bars etc.

Also refresh rate changes the camera movement speed: Higher refresh rate will slow down the camera to a crawl for some reason. so 60Hz max for a good experience.

Finally do not use hardware cursors as the pointer will be offseted at higher resolution.

I use 1080p on a 1440p display. it works ok.

Have fun
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