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Like the Title say - How to access the Setup menu to change Resolution?

First run opens the Setup window for all the Grafic and Resolution changes.. but then it just starts the Game but i want to Change Resolution again, becaus i got problems...

Reinstall didnt brings the Setup Window up, even after cleanup the install folder aswell...

So is there a way to do the setup again without reinstall my Operating System (win 10)?

SOLVED - If u have the same Question...

You can start bitaw.exe with "/setup" command line parameter (i.e. create a shortcut to bitaw.exe and in "target" add /setup )

so it would be nice if GOG just add another shortcut just named Setup, because the Original Install did it also, with the current Gog "version" is this setup window inaccessable after the first run (without the background info)
Post edited January 01, 2019 by Acid_Phreak