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Hi, I installed battle Isle 3 on windows 10 1909. so far the game start and i can play it.
I can see the combat animation but i do not see the intro video or the other videos.
They do not start at all with no error message.
Also the weather videos about the ingame weather forecast did not show up.
How to solve this issue?
I knew in the past that you had at start a video test, but this did not start and i can not start it again.
Is it the gog version of BI3?
If yes, then you are missing some old video codecs for those old .avi files..
its the "intel indeo" codec and in the past, you needed "video for windows 1.1e" to play them.
i´m quite sure i didnt install anything extra, but the VLC-player can play them and in-game, they also play.
So maybe try VLC and their codec pack

how exactly does a installation of these codecs look like?
I've installed the VLC and my videos are still not shown up only the message (translated maybe poorly from german) "Can't find Decompression vids32.

I know, that they worked 2 years ago with windows 10.

So, is there anybody, who can maybe help me with this?