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So far I did not buy the game - only tested the episode 1 on steam and noticed extreme screen tearing without a vsync option being available. running GTX90 nvidia on win7 with aero disabled (important!) and vsync forced through driver. Has this been fixed in gog version.

Please, can anybody tell me if the GOG version does have the same issue?
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In episode 5 I'm having an incredible series of crashes... 1 every 5 minutes of play. I'm in the final part of the game, and it crashes everytime the game saves on the cloud. Really frustrating.
In the past episodes I only had a couple of crashes, one at the very beginning, when the helicopter appears, and one in the 3rd episode at the beginning, but now it's nearly unplayable.
What a pity, a really good game, with a great story, ruined by this.
hi i bought a game i now i want a refund...
i don´t know how its dun and where on gog

Best regards
Petter Danielsson
Episode 3, in the bedroom, game keeps crahsing to desktop whenever I pick one of the two options (to remain/exit the bedroom)
I just bought the game on wingamestore. It is a TTG key but I wonder if the problem I have is a known one. I am unable to link the game with my TTG account. I've tried to chnage passwords several times and also let it access the firewall. Everytime the game tells me that I have used a wrong password even though I am able to use this to login into my account.
Using ds4windows with ds4 controller emulating xbox 360 controller.

And the game swaps the buttons at lest i know A and X are swapped, since i will not go past the menu to find out what else is messed up, checked my ds4 settings all good A button is bound to the right ds4 X etc, other games buttons are fine, tried checking directinput option still the same, seems like i would have to totally remap my controller to get the button prompts to match the in game prompts.

Could play keyboard but game is much more casual being able to use my controller.

If they gave us a proper options menu like 90% of games have could rebind the buttons and it would be all gravy. Seems people have been reporting the game swapping buttons on the xbox controller even with the real deal.

All the patches and they still not got this stuff sorted?