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Ok, so I am running BG full screen and everything has been fine for a few weeks.Today after not playing for a week or two when I load it up, the game is not appearing right. It still comes up in a full window but the left and right side of the screen have about and inch or two of black border now. Loaded up FO1 and the same thing was happening. Anyone have a clue on whats going on here?
Have you changed anything regarding aspect ratio in your video card drivers?
TehMarv: Have you changed anything regarding aspect ratio in your video card drivers?
I don't think so but what should the settings be at to avoid this problem. Sorry for the dumb questions I havent played PC games in years. ;)
I take it that you are using a widescreen monitor. If that is the case, the black borders are there because Fallout and Baldur's Gate are running in 640*480 and your video card drivers are set to "preserve aspect ratio". If you want the games to fill the whole screen you have to look for an option like "stretch to full screen" or "scale image to full panel size". But if you haven't changed anything in your drivers I'm not sure if that really is the source of your problem.
Ok. So another question then. Is there a setting in BG that would cause this change?
If you're having the same problem for several games, it's your video card. There's nothing in the BG options that would cause that as far as I am aware.

There is actually a mod to play any of the Infinity Engine games (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment) in widescreen. A quick search on google for "Baldur's Gate Widescreen" should turn up some results.
Thanks for the replies so far. The more I think of it FO was always like this, but BG just started doing it today. And I haven't changed any settings. Really driving me nuts.
I had a similar issue, worked fine until I ran a defrag & disc error check, then game screen is about 1/3 normal size. Have attempted to adjust with different settings but not luck. Any advice?
Just found something for Nvidia cards.

In NVIDIA Control Panel, Go to Display section, then on "Adjust desktop size and position".
Tick the option "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs".
You can also modify scaling mode if you want.

Baldur's gate should fit to screen now