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I have played BG1 with EasyTutu, BGT, but want to run current play through in vanilla BG1. With A multi-class PC, after Candlekeep Imoen joins at level 2 with 1304 XP, where i'd expect her to be at level 1 with 9 XP(PC at level 1 anyway). When i roll a single class PC i get level 1 version, whereas with any multiclass PC imoen's level always seems to be at 2. Is it possible to fix this? I have tried with/ without baldurdash also.
In EasyTutu and BGT Imoen joins with level 1 version with multi class PC as well.
This question / problem has been solved by grogersonimage
With BG2 (Easy Tutu or BGT) you can use Shadowkeeper to edit saves with regular BG1 your best bet is using Gatekeeper which you find there:


Editing saves can get messy so keep a back up just in case things go wrong.
That's weird, I started a game a few days ago with a Fighter/Mage/Thief PC, and Imoen did join at level 1. AFAIK, the game only takes into account how much xp you have to determine NPC levels, not your own level.
Are you sure you're not importing a PC who has more xp than he should?

As Gloomseeker said, the easiest to remove xp and levels is to use a save editor.
This is fresh installation of Baldur's Gate Original Saga latest from GoG(initially with baldurdash and later with pristine installation without baldurdash also). I tried with Fighter/Mage and Fighter/Mage/Thief Elf and Half-Elf races. Even with 0 XP or 50 XP level 1 PC i get only imoen at level 2. with a single class PC i get proper version of Imoen at level 1. Is there any patches you have applied. With baldurdash also same results. Every time i created a new character only.

As mentioned earlier with EasyTutu and BGT on the same machine i get proper versions of Imoen. I want to run a vanilla BG run through, that's when I faced this issue. Prefer not to touch the save game, if that's the only way i have to consider then.

Simplest way I can think is to "cheat" her in. Kick the T2 out of the party, then CreateCreature("imoen1"). Talk to this Imoen to join the party.

Your problem is new to me since I've never started multiclass in vanilla. And I prefer playing vanilla BG...
Today even tried with 3 CD original version with same results, seems that's the default behavior for multi-classed characters.

Thanks, CreateCreature("imoen1") worked great. But don't know any implications of this, as I have never used console to fix these kind of problems.
You shouldn't run into any problems. It doesn't affect any globals. The only thing is that the first Imoen will remain where you left her. If that bothers you, just don't go back there...