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Okay, I've got a rather specific question.

While looking at the Siege of Dragonspear page, I noticed that the game demands OSX 10.9 or later to run, but is fine with Windows 7.

The thing is, My mac runs on OSX 10.8, but I use Parallels with a Windows 7 virtual machine.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to take an endgame save from Baldur's gate's mac version, use that save on Dragonspear's PC version, then use Dragonspear's endgame save on Baldur's Gate 2's mac version, or do I have to upgrade my main OS to be able to transfer saves from one game to the next?
It might work, it might not - presumably if you can load savegames cross platform in general it will be A-OK, but I'm finding it hard to find hard data on whether or not transferring savegames across platforms works (something I'd be interested in knowing myself, as I have a Windows gaming tower and a Linux laptop and wonder if the EE saves in general can be transferred between the two).

I'm finding however, which appears to indicate that save games do in fact at least successfully load across platforms; it's a pity the poster never reported back as to whether or not the game continued trouble-free from that point or if issues cropped up :(
Well, the thing is, I fiddled with EE keeper (seriously: I used the Manual of Quickness of Action on Imoen and come BG2 her dexterity is back at 18? That must be corrected) and it does work: the PC version has no problem recognizing the Mac saves, so chances are that they are identical in both version.

What bothers me is how Dragonspear finds endgame saves:
When I use BG2's mac version, the game itself searches (and thankfully finds) BG1's save folder when I click on "import game": what I fear is a PC version of Dragonspear would look for a non-existent BG1 save folder in the PC partition of my hard drive but ignore main Mac partition. I suppose I could work around that problem by creating a Baldur's Gate Save folder on the PC partition to "trick" Dragonspear into "thinking" that the PC version of Baldur's gate is installed, then copy-paste my endgame save in that folder to transfer it.
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I like this question, because I was a dual-booter for three iMacs past - except I always implemented Windows OS from paid package. I thought it was fair enough. I have never pirated a game, nor would I an OS.

I would recommend buying Windows OS, and dual booting.

Which does not discredit my wish that Mac was as much a gaming rack as Windos, or Linux, or any other PC.