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Beamdog: We would like to apologize for recent miscommunications regarding the removal of the predecessor products to our Enhanced Edition titles from sale on GOG...
The saga continues....but the song remains the same -- a phatt load of bullshizzle, slightly rearranged to appear new and improved.
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And here I used to defend this by the Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast angle. I had sympathy because I had once thought this was beyond anyone's control.

I don't really know who's idea it was to put this here, but it's put a very bad taste in my mouth. At least it's nice to know the truth. Or is it the truth? I mean, observe that there was no intention of this being widespread. Beamdog posted it here to not draw too much aggro.

Unbundle these products and I'll buy PSTEE. You don't, I don't. Simple as that. I will not buy any more of Beamdog's products on any platform until the buck stops and things are made right. And I encourage anyone else to do the same.
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Don't care much for Beamdog shitheads and their petty parody on BG, but GoG really disappointed me on that case. Really, GoG, I wanted to bring you my money for that warm and fuzzy feeling of seeing BG titles on my virtual shelf (I'm happily using pirated versions since 2000 so basically it's nothing but a homage from me), I still want, just give me the way to do it without giving a single cent to that disgusting SJW-loving Beamfreaks!
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This thread should be stuffed into every review of Beamdog products, for here on out.

I wonder where all the Beamdog defenders went. Been rather quiet after this statement popped up.
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