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So this is maybe my fourth or fifth time trying to play the entire trilogy. I did a bit of BG2 but stopped after you escape from underground. However, I really want to stick with it the entire way. The game is fun but I keep getting distracted.

I just made a fighter and I am on my way to the inn. The difference this time is I am using tutu for an hopefully epic experience.

I am curious about how others can manage to play from the start to the end. My current plan is play only 1-2 hours a day with some kind of objectives in mind. Like clear this dungeon and then take a break e.t.c

How do you play? Do you pull all nighters or do it in bits and pieces. Maybe even both?
I play almost every night for a couple hours. I don't have a set objective in mind, but after 2 to 3 hours, I stop where it seems a convenient place. I'm too old to pull all-nighters or even into the wee hours anymore. So that's what works for me. I played through BG1 as soon as it was released and am currently part way through BG2 (at this point my party has just entered Ust Natha).
Papa: How do you play? Do you pull all nighters or do it in bits and pieces. Maybe even both?
If circumstances allow I can play for 6-12 hours straight, often to the point where I get anxious over how I'm messing up my sleeping routine.

Good games do this to me and many others from what I've seen and heard ;-).

If I tire in the way you describe I take it as a sign of that I could probably find something more entertaining for my tastes.

Happy new year!