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Got BG2 and down loaded the BG2 Core Fix as recommended. However, it would not load in BG2 (Dialogue.tlk problem) Various websites seem to indicate that I needed to place the fix package in BG1 Folder, tried that and ran the fix installation package, but, after a partial installation, I ran into an error (not in string set). So I went back got a second download and did that second download in the BG2 Folder and that seemed to install.

My question is I have a partial install in BG1, then an full install in BG2. Will this work? or should I start over? I don't want to start a game then have to start over.

Woah, woah, woah! You installed, or tried to, a BG2 fix into your BG1 folder? Am I reading that correctly? What maniac web site/s did you get that information from? I think you need to be more specific, ie. give exact details, (not vague remarks like "dialog.tlk problem"), about what you downloaded (proper names), and the steps you have taken.
Thanks for the answer. I tried both games and the dialogue seems to work fine. Ill try to find the website that indicated I needed to load in the BG1 file to get around the dialogue.tlk problem. Had something to do with the location of the Infinity game engine. Seems to have worked.

But I have a second problem, if I may ask. Sorry for my ignorance but I downloaded BGT118-Install and I get a brief glimpse of a DOS command line and nothing else. I'm on an lunch break--- extended to do this but I want to see how it works out now. I'm told to extract something but can find nothing to extract. I know that the answer will make me feel stupid, but I'm damned if I can see what needs to be done.

DOS, Just when I never thought I would never see it again, DOS drags one back in.

Thanks again
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Seem to have found a fix. Onto my next screw-up.

macAilpin: snip...
it would not load in BG2 (Dialogue.tlk problem) Various websites seem to indicate that I needed to place the fix package in BG1 Folder,
1. If you installed to the programs folder in windows then you will get a can't find Dialogue.tlk error… I suggest that the websites you looked at, suggest putting the game into a bg folder like c:games/bg instead of c:programs folder/ gb which causes issues.
2. Regardless, next problem = post your WeiDU log from the text file in your game folder… it saves a lot of time.

Sounds like you are ok now so good luck m8.
The game launches from BGMain. I 've seen some unimportant but new bugs. Portraits are confused. So I guess have the two games working. The one big problem I have left is that Imoen starts out at 40% Hide in Shadows and 40% Find Traps. And I have no idea how that happened. I deleted every trace of BG1 and BG2 that I could find last night and did a complete re-install. But for some reason she loads with the higher stats. Having a level one thief with those stats is not kosher. I may dual her to mage just to downplay the advantage. I'll see how it plays out.

Other than that, it seems fine for now.

Thanks for the replies.