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Hello all! We have just released a new version (0.9.3) of the mod that includes a new playable NPC. It includes four new missions in Shadow of Amn along to many new items, summons, spells, allies, and enemies. Currently the mod is available in English and Spanish.

* You can download the latest version from here
* And read the general description of the mod here

What's new?
This release includes several fixes regarding quests playability as well as general mod improvements. Also some bugs with ToB were ironed out.

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed several typos in some dialogs
- Cleanup various .dlg files to avoid potential issues with cross-mods
- Fixed Kalanda summoning
- Fixed Anthagar and Kalanda encounters in which the player could attack them affecting the final quest
- Fixed Dusk / Dorn interactions
- Fixed functionality of Teleportation Orb
- Fixed a bug when starting a new game in ToB
- Fixed several variables that affected some Dusk’s dialogs

- Improved custom items general properties and attributes
- Resized several portraits for a better picture framing

New Features:
- Added an introductory reaction from Dusk towards Hexxat
- Added new custom items for EE characters: Neera (Wild Magic Potion), Rasaad (White Light Potion), Dorn (Night Knives Gloves), Hexxat (Ruby Liquid Potion), Wilson (Winter flowers and fruits)

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or bugs in the thread. You can also raise any issue in GitHub

PS: find some new screenshots in the attachments.
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