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(Update: I've made some additions, and a section about a 'newbie recommended' modding for BG2.)

I just bought BG1 + BG2, and wanted to start BG1. I came here hoping for a simple guide for what 'a regular newbie', should install, but was quite confused over all opinions on which mods are the "right" ones and all warnings about "install this but not this" etc.

MY GOALS: modernize the UI and fix bugs, but not add fan-based content, except for "unfinished business", i.e., fan-fixed content that was planned to be included and was still present in the game files (but not enabled, probably because it was not finished for release.) Specifically, I did not want the mod that joins BG1 + BG2 into one huge game, since I fear that will be confusing for someone who have never finished BG1.

Here is what I came up with. (Mod wizards feel free to tell me if I did something wrong)

=== BG1 ===

1. Install GOG BG1 and BG2 as usual. They will be installed under Program Files/GOG (Or Program Files x86 if you have 64 bit Windows).

2. Install EasyTutu from here: , the file you want is: EasyTutu_ToB.exe (GOG includes the Throne of Bhaal expansion with BG2). This creates a new directory, independent of your BG1 and BG2 install that runs BG1 using the BG2 engine. This install includes the most important bugfixes for BG1 (the "Baldurdash" package.)

3. From the same page, download and install the 'Degreenifier' fix, so you can use 3D acceleration without getting green water. The file you want is: EasyTutuDegreenifier-v4.exe

4. Get and install the widescreen mod here: . The file you want is: widescreen-v2.60.exe. Make sure to enter the resolution of your screen when asked for "x" and "y".

5. Somewhat optional: Get and install the unfinished business pack from here: . The file you want is: BG1UB_v12.exe . This re-enables content not in the game, but present in the game files (unfinished), that fans have recovered and "fixed". There are also some fixes included in this.

6. Optional: you can now uninstall your GOG BG1 install to save disk space. "Baldur's Gate Tutu" is the version of BG1 you will play, and it has its own entry under 'uninstall programs' in your control panel. Don't uninstall your GOG BG2 install, though.

This order of mods seems to work for me.

- There is a known issue when entering the city of Beregost. Commit this city name to memory now! And then be sure to follow the instructions under 'Known issues' on when you encounter this city.

- If you already have started a game in BG1 you will need to restart. Also, if you have started a game after doing some of the mods listed here, but before the widescreen mod, you probably need to restart as well. (When I did it, the graphics was completely black outside my characters viewing distance in my old save game, just starting a new game fixed that.)

- With this game and others for Win 7 (possibly also Vista): if the game flickers and minimizes itself when you start it, right click on the desktop icon, chose select properties, go to the tab "compability" and check the boxes "Disable visual themes" and "Disable desktop composition". This makes Win 7 turn off some graphic gimicks while the game is running, and re-enable them when the game ends.

- If you plan to play at high resolutions, the font will be too small. Download the mod from here: . The file you want is:, unzip and copy the files to the *override* subdirectory in your BGTutu directory.

=== BG2 ===

Mostly inspired by GoJays2025's guide, this is what I opted for:

1. Get and install the BG2 fixpack here: , the file you want is: bg2_fixpack-v9.exe. This installs various "must have" fixes. Here it gets a bit trycky, because it also include some "BETA Core fixes", which I advice saying "NO" to if you are a BG newbie. Furthermore there are a number of additions marked as "Optional But Cool." Trying to adhere as closely as possible to my 'GOAL' above (no fan-added extras, just bugfixes and UI updates) my recommendation is:
- Party Gets XP for Sending Keldorn to Reconcile With Maria: No
- Improved Spell Animations: Yes
- Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day: No
- Mixed-Use Dagger Fixes: No
- Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes: No
- Giants Receive Penalties When Attacking Halflings, Dwarves, and Gnomes: No
- Remove Dual-Classing Restriction from Archers and Stalkers: No
- Remove Second Attribute Bonus for Evil Path in Wrath Hell Trial: Yes
- Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior: No
- Additional Script Fixes: Yes
- Bard Song Fixes: Yes
- Wizard Slayers Cause Miscast Magic on Ranged Attacks: No
- Additional Alignment Fixes: Yes
- Change Free Action to Protect Against Stun: No

2. Download and install unfinished business from here: . The file you want is: You can install all the options without harm. However, I suggest saying no to:
- Yoshimo's Original Portrait
- Anomen's Original Portrait
- NPC Portrait Restorations,
since, as I understand it, these do not really restore things that were left out, but reverts decisions the designers did to change these portraits before the game was launched.

3. Use the same installer for the widescreen patch as for BG1. Again, you get it from here: . The file you want is: windescreen-v2.60.exe. Make sure to enter the resolution of your screen when asked for "x" and "y".

As for BG1: If you plan to play at high resolutions, the font will be too small. Download the mod from here: . The file you want is:, unzip and copy the files to the *override* subdirectory in your BG2 GOG Install directory.

A comment: I opted NOT installing the BG2 Tweak Pack from here: . Because, while there are a few options in it that looks somewhat useful, most things are rather intricate rule changes etc. that will likely confuse a BG beginner who tries to learn the game, and expects what the manual says to be true, etc.

Good luck and happy playing!
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Sounds good to me! This is also pretty much the perfect setup for those who don't want to mod the game beyond just getting it to run better on modern computers for their first playthrough.
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Thanks! Nicely written guide.
Thanks for this guide, it has just the sort of information I've been looking for.

I'd just like to confirm one thing:

The EasyTutu package contains both the FixPack and the BG/TotSC Game Text Update from Baldurdash, yes?
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I just installed BGT following This Guide. You can pick and choose exactly what you want. Very slick. Just be sure to read the documentation so you know what each component is offering.
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Midville: Thanks for this guide, it has just the sort of information I've been looking for.

I'd just like to confirm one thing:

The EasyTutu package contains both the FixPack and the BG/TotSC Game Text Update from Baldurdash, yes?
Here is what the FAQ for EasyTutu says:
Q: Does EasyTutu include/support Kevin Dorner's Baldurdash fixes for Baldur's Gate 1 and 2?

A: EasyTutu includes Kevin Dorner's fixpacks for both Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, as well as his game text updates. These fixes are included in EasyTutu whether you've applied them to your parent installations or not.
Coelocanth: I just installed BGT following This Guide.
That is a very nice guide if one prefers to play BG1 + BG2 as one big game. Just to motivate why I didn't just use that one: I felt that for my own first play through, I prefer the games separate as originally designed, and so I know what is BG1 and BG2.

Also, I am trying to help people who, like me, have never played through BG1 or BG2. That made it a bit hard to understand what the different components were offering and which to include. Hence this simple guide with a simple instruction "just install all this and go".
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Very, very nice. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you sir. I vote for a sticky.

Thanks for the confirmation on the Baldurdash content. The fact that EasyTutu includes all that stuff makes installation that much easier. I'm leaning toward trying your instructions for a first playthrough, then BGT for any subsequent games.



Thanks for the link, I've got that thread and this one both selected as favorites to keep my eye on.

Thanks to Rartino, GoJays, and everyone who's making an effort to make this mod stuff understandable to us BG newbies.
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Thank you very much for this really handy guide rartino, been looking for something like this for a while, very nicely done and easy to follow. Just the fixes/updates, none of the fan made/changed crap. Brilliant.
Thanks a lot. I liked your guide so much that I will be printing it out for ease of use.
Thanks much for taking the time to do this. I've followed your instructions to the letter, since it seems sensible. So far all works well. Much appreciated.

And, for what it's worth, I prefer to keep them as separate games myself, which is how I played them originally. Perhaps I'll try one massive quest some day.
Added to my favourites. Nice guide, thank you.
I'm downloading BG2 right now, and was going to use easytutu, but I saw one comment on a message board that when you finish BG1 and import the character into BG2, that you will NOT be able to choose a kit for your character like you normally could when importing from the original BG1 (ie, making a fighter into a barbarian, or a Paladin into an Inquisitor).

Can anybody confirm this? If this is true, everybody should be aware of this when they make their character. From what I read, if you use easytutu and want to use the kits from BG2, then you need to specify them when you first make your character in BG1 (they should all be available because you're using the BG2 engine).

Can anybody confirm this?
Thank you for putting this information together. This post was just what I was looking for :)
Page 4 is too far down for such a good guide. I wish GoG would be a bit more diligent in stickying the best guides. This and the conservative guide were the best I found.
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