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This has been mentioned in another thread here, but the old Baldur's gate ( infinity engine version ) is unable to handle extremely large drives and will throw an "out of space" error if you attempt to run it on such a drive. In the previous thread the OP uses and links to a batch script written by some redditor that alters the way windows reports memory to certain games. This may or may not work on wine. I haven't tested as I'm not super comfortable with the idea of downloading and running some strange batch script. For Linux users that want a 'simple' fix for this that doesn't involve running bat files, below are the steps I used to get BG: The Original Saga running:

1.) Create a disk image using whichever tool you'd like. I used dd for this:
dd if=/dev/zero of=bgimage.img bs=1024 count=0 seek=$[1024*1024*60]
( The above command will create an image with a block size of 1m and a total size of 60G )

2.) Write a filesystem to the new image. I don't think the filesystem matters. I went with brtfs.
mkfs.brtfs bgimage.img
( The above command writes the brtfs filesystem to the image )

3.) Create a mount point for it, mount the image and adjust permissions so you can read and write to the filesystem
sudo mkdir -p /media/BGCompatMount
sudo mount -o loop bgimage.img /media/BGCompatMount
sudo chmod u+rw /media/BGCompatMount
sudo chown <user> /media/BGCompatMount
( The above commands create a directory for the image to mount to, mounts the image, then adjusts read-write
permissions for the filesystem as well as changing the owner to be the specified user. )

4.) Install the game to the mounted disk image. I use lutris so I made a bg directory at the root of the drive and had lutris install the game and set the wineprefix to that directory.

5.) Enjoy - Baldur's gate should work as expected now. You can try adding the image to your fstab to have it auto-mounted if you really want to.

If anyone has an easier/better way of getting Baldur's Gate/Infinity engine working on large drives, let me know. Perhaps creating and mounting a disk image isn't necessary.

It looks like the above may not even be necessary. I install my games through lutris primarily so I have an easy way to view, manage and install games across multiple store fronts. Unfortunately they seem to have their own method of installing games from GoG that, a lot of times is broken in subtle, hard to debug/fix ways. I tried the official GoG installer/launcher and I seem to be able to play directly off my 10TB drive. I'm not sure what magic was involved in getting that working but it seems like using the official installer is the way to go for BG1-BG2.
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the magic is that Gog used a installer made with linux in mind instead of converting a Windows one

this one size fits all policy is why Windows became the go to Os for gamers... why Linux never really got off the ground as an OS and also why Windows 11 & 12 are dead in the water
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