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A few observations:

The run was done using 1.3, but 1.2 is faster because of an infinite XP exploit that was removed.

The PC's class was Blade. Why? Offensive Spin increases your movement speed. (Anyone use that skill for that purpose in casual play?) Combining it with Oil of Speed makes you go at 4x speed. Needless to say, this is useful in a speedrun.

The player started with 18 Charisma for better shop prices. (I was not expecting this.)

Item swap glitch still appears to work (does it in 2.0?), and is used to drink a giant strength potion in order to open chests.

Chapter 3 is skipped thanks to a double chapter increment.

A double dialogue glitch is used to re-enter Candlekeep in Chapter 4 (I think), allowing for another chapter increment.

One polymorph teleport does get used in the final area.

Final battle: Just become immune to the traps, then repeatedly trigger them until the final boss dies.

Dimension Door, one of the most useful spells for sequence breaking, is not available in this version. (Interestingly enough, it *is* available in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.)
I am not fan of glitches abusing speedruns so it doesn't really interest me.
Although I have to admit the Oblivion one I saw once was amusing. Whole big Elder Scrolls game beaten in few minutes.
How does one become immune to traps?
Stig79: How does one become immune to traps?
I'd like to know that too, because in the Temple of Bhaal there are Skull Trap, Web, Stinking Cloud and arrow traps. Those are the ones I can remember. Web is easy. The rest, not so much.