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So, I finished BG1, and with much anticipating I DL'd 2, eagerly awaiting to begin the game with my old character.

Much to my surprise, when I went to move them into 2's folder, they weren't there. So, I check the friendly GOG forums to find a solution.

Turns out, the folder "VirtualStore" under AppData that everyone else is finding their saves in doesn't exist here. Yes, I'm running as administrator. No, it's not in Documents or

So, I went back into 1 to see if maybe something was up, when BAM - all my saves, gone.

About two weeks' worth of effort, gone, due to what? I'm using Windows 7. Very frustrated right now.
Oh, awesome - it looks like the saves in 2 are disappearing as well. Now I'm reticent to even play the games, since apparently I can't save my progress. Any help on the issue would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I'm not using any mods - both BG1 & 2 were downloaded from GOG to the default location, without any kind of alteration.
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Into Program Files? You don't want to install into Program Files. That might be the problem.
Yeah, since I got my new rig set-up, with win 7 64b . I've encountered numerous threads on many forums detailing problems from games not saving, to settings in games not being saved.

IIRC many of their problems came from installing in the "default" directory, namely program files (or program files (X86) on 64b win7). Windows does not like it when games are installed there, something about writing/reading permissions. And no, for some reason it does not help running things in admin mode.

My best advice, since you already lost all your saves (it seems, might be they are somewhere else on your comp?), would be to uninstall bg1, then re-install it in a different directory, I.E - c:\games\BG1, or D:\games\BG1. Then start the game, play a couple of minutes, save the game, then exit and see if you can locate the new save.

I'm currently downloading BG1 from GOG, not sure if that version saves on a seperate location, but my old disk version saved the game to X:\games\Baldurs Gate\Save.

Fingers Crossed for you figuring it out!

EDIT : the Virtual Store is in this folder

C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore

The reason you are not seeing it is due to "AppData" being a hidden folder.
in the windows explorer. - click "organize"- click "folder and search options" - Select the "View" tab - then near the top of the list find "Hidden Files and Folders" - check the "Show hidden files, folders and drives" radio button.

Now go back to C:\Users\your user name\
Appdata should now appear on the list, it lookes "faded/blurred", that indicates that it is a hidden folder.

Remember though, that some files are hidden for a reason, this includes many system files, so if you are not comfortable with the risk, just turn of the view hidden files after you check the appdata\virtual store for your savegames.

Hope that helps.

Cheers :)
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Thanks for the help! I reinstalled all my games to new locations, and everything seems to be working perfect. If anything, this gives me a chance to actually use one of the TuTu mods to have an entire playthrough.

Much appreciated.