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What are some of your more weird/funny character ideas? Could be roleplaying, or build wise.

I was playing with a friend and for the hell of it decided to make another character. I wanted to make a joke character since I typically play serious characters like Paladins. In a fit of inspiration I came up with Calkin the Barbarian. A Halfling Barbarian who thinks he's Conan the Barbarian. I set his AI to charge in at the first sign of enemies, made him dual wield, and gave him a voice set I downloaded of Cervantes from Soul Calibur. So this little guy wades into battle screaming about the flames of hell and taking the lives of his enemies because he can.

The joke is on me though. At least in the early part of BG1, he's a monster. With Splint Mail and a shield his AC is -1 at start, and 0 when dual wielding. He's a frenzied little death ball to all the enemies on the first few screens.
I used portrait once (found on in a download of Discworld portraits) for the lead character of a BG Tutu campaign called 'Conflicting Characters'. My character was to be a Neutral Evil green-skinned gnome Thief-Illusionist called 'EEVIL GRIN'. He would try out all characters in his party, which I know from ([url=] would come into conflict with each other:

First I would take both Xzar and Montaron with Khalid and Jaheira until they come to fatal blows. If Khalid and Jaheira would win and Xzar would fall, I would be short of a second mage and pick up Edwin and Minsc, to see what would happen the moment I free Dynaheir. If Xzar and Montaron would win and Jaheira would fall, I would be short of a healer and pick up both Quayle and Tiax (moved by either BG2 Tweaks or SCS to be accesible earlier) to see the clerics get into a fight.

Finally, if more got killed, I would pickup Eldoth and Shar-Teel to fill up the ranks to see them bicker.

It turned out however, that I like a serious campaign far better than a funny/weird campaign.