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Speaking as a dnd player who's only played 3.5, the xp needed to level seems to change arbitrarily, and despite my best efforts to figure out what drives this, I can't seem to work it out. Whatever it is is significant, as Imoen for instance seems to be 1-2 levels ahead of everyone else at all times! Is it just according to class, or what? And if it's by class, how do the classes differ?
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Yes, the xp needed to level changes by class.
Rogues like Imoen only need 1250 xp to go from level 1 to 2, while a wizard would need 2500 xp. This is mostly an attempt to balance the classes.

You can go into a character's sheet to check how many xp he needs to level. If you want the full xp tables for every class, the manuel should have them in the appendixes (I know the BG 2 manual does anyway, not sure about the BG manual).
Which begs the question of whether my disk version of the game has manuals with it or not.

EDIT: It does. Whew. Thanks!
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