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Anyway to edit a save game to remove "Confused" state from Khalid?? I was outside a building, casting a bunch of buff spells before going inside for battle with Doom Guards, and somehow Khalid got confused - I didn't notice until after I had quicksaved - other save games quite old

Alternately, any Cleric spell to cure "Confused" ??

Tried Gatekeeper - doesn't seem to be able to edit the chars conditions/spells that are in effect (like Confused, Bless, etc)

IEEP didn't work (Win7/64 may be problem?)

thnx for any help
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Dispel Magic is worth a shot. That spell requires dice rolls (which the game engine does for you behind the scenes), so you can try that, reloading until you get him not confused anymore.

Or kill Khalid and then resurrect him at a temple, if you got the coin (and desperation).
Waiting or resting should cure confusion. Have your other party members run away as far as possible so he doesn't attack them.
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I was hoping to somehow get rid of his confused condition and continue the attack on the Doom guards - sounds like I'll just have to wait, rest,(to regain spells) and try later.

Dispel magic might work (didn't try) but would also remove all the buff spells, and going against 2 Doom guards, I NEED those buffs!

btw - I'm thinking that the potion he took labeled "Oil of Speed" was really confusion, or is it some kind of bug?
There's a cursed oil of speed in BG, but it looks different from the others.
Don't worry about resting, you have unlimited time.
There are various potions that have negative effects.

As kmonster said, they look different than normal potions, and have slightly different descriptions - be wary of anything that's 'murky'.