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I've been having a very minor problem related to my cursor. It flickers slightly only when I'm in game. It doesn't flicker while going through menus. It's a constant flicker. I played through bg2 tob without this problem. I installed tutu shortly after completing bg2 and have had the cursor issue when running bg1 easy tutu.

Things I've tried to do and my current settings:
-3d acceleration on
-3d hardware acceleration is at its lowest setting focused more on performance than quality.
-tried to roll back vc driver
-running in xp service pack 2 compatibility. tried 2000, and vista.
-character portraits don't flicker as that seems to be a related problem
-tried turning off and on triple buffering

I've tried some other tweaks without success. As you can probably tell I don't really know what I'm doing and have basically tried everything that seems reasonable on google searches.