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auroraparadox: It looks like this was not a one off crash. The game CTD when I tried to enter a house in Bergost.
Hickory: The game, if installed correctly, is stable on Windows 7 -- you don't need XP or 98. I still say this applies, and you need to investigate and address it:

it could be a hiccup with graphic drivers, or some other Windows/driver glitch.
I entered several other houses in Bergost without experiencing a crash. I then tried to enter the house where I experienced a crash previously. This time, I did not experience a crash.

EDIT: I experienced a CTD while attempting to load a save file. I was in the Red Sheaf at the time.
I find it a bit odd that I didn't start experiencing CTDs until I reached Bergost.
Post edited November 24, 2013 by auroraparadox