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This solution worked perfect for me for BG TOTSC.

I have menus with no letters on them but could still click the buttons (pretty much impossible to play unless you have all menus memorized....)

I installed the ddrawfix and used the 1st option and it worked perfectly thank you!!

For any of you that still want to play multiplayer on Windows 7 and later that have the issue with IPX, use an IPX wrapper found by googling IPX wrapper (I can't post links...)

Worked wonders for me!
I tried the above steps and still have blurry or mostly no text. Tried both Options 1 and Option 2 for the setup-ddrawfix as well, didn't see any change. Also did it in both normal (no compatability mode) for Windows 8, and compatability mode for Windows 7 and XP. My BG2 install is not in the ProgramFiles folder either. Anyone find another solution?