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Baldur's Gate Trilogy Installation Guide on Linux Mint

This is BGT for classic BG series. I did this installation on Linux Mint 18.3 but I believe it would work on most Ubuntu based distros. To make things easier, I divided the process into 3 steps.

A. DOWNLOADING FILES (The version I downloaded in parentheses)

Only BG2 Fixpack and widescreen mod have Linux versions. You will download normal versions for other mods and then we will run them with weidu. I believe I could download windows (exe) versions of all mods and still run them with weidu.

1. Linux version of BG1 on GOG. (
2. Linux version of BG2 on GOG. (

3. Download latest version of Weidu for Linux. (v2.43)
Chose (GNU/Linux binary)

4. Download Baldur's Gate II Fixpack Linux version. (v10)

5. Download BGT-WeiDU. (WeiDU 1.18)

6. OPTIONAL: Download BG1UB and BG2UB (bg1ub v14 and bg2ub v26)

Baldur's Gate 1 Unfinished Business and BG 2 Unfinished Business add things that were intended for the game by developers but were left out because of lack of time.

7. Download the widescreen mod for Linux. (v3.07)

8. Download the big map (bp-bgt-worldmap-v1022)
This fixes World Map screen crashes. You may start the game before doing that and see if you can access the world map. (Overall map where you can see Candlekeep, Baldur's Gate city etc)

9. Download Generalized Biffing
With over 6K files in the override folder, the game was taking a long time to load, save and change areas. This mod fixes that. DO THAT AFTER YOU ARE DONE MODDING.

Here we will just prepare our system, unpack downloads and copy them properly into the BG2 installation folder, which is probably

/home/your_user_name/GOG Games/Baldurs Gate 2 Complete/prefix/drive_c/GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2

your_user_name is your Linux username.

1. Install BG1 and BG2

2. Extract the file.

Enter /WeiDU-Linux/bin/amd64 (/WeiDU-Linux/bin/i386 if you are on 32 bit) and copy weidu, weinstall and tolower executables in a $PATH directory (E.G. /usr/bin). This will let us run weinstall and tolower commands from command line everywhere. I copied all 7 files (mospack, mosunpack, tispack, tisunpack, tolower, weidu, weinstall)

If you are having permission trouble, go to /usr/bin, right click--> (Open as Root). Now you will be able to copy.

3. Right click lin-bg2fixpack-v10.tar.gz file and extract it.
Copy "bg2fixpack" folder into your BG2 directory.

4. Extract BGT118-Install.rar
Copy bgt folder, setup-bgt.exe , setup-bgt.tp2 into your BG2 directory.

Inside your BG2 folder, go to bgt>install>unix
create a directory called "amd64"
Copy everything inside x86 folder into the new amd64 folder.

5. Copy what is inside the bg1ub-v14 folder into your BG2 directory. (bg1ub folder and setup-bg1ub.exe)

Copy what is inside the UnfinishedBusiness-v26 folder into your BG2 directory. (_macosx and ub folders. setup-ub.exe)

6. Extract/Unpack widescreen file. lin-widescreen-v3.07.tar.gz
Copy the "widescreen" folder into your BG2 directory. (The folder itself this time)

7. Extract/Unpack the Big World zip file. (
Copy what is inside the bp-bgt-worldmap-v1022 folder into your BG2 directory. (bp-bgt_worldmap folder, setup-bp-bgt-worldmap, setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.command, setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.exe, setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.tp2)

8. Extract/Unpack the_bigg_biff.rar
Copy what is inside the "the_big_biff" folder into your BG2 directory. (generalized_biffing folder and setup-generalized_biffing)

All of this will take place in the terminal.

1. Enter Baldur's Gate 2 folder. (You are probably already there). your_user_name is your Linux username.

/home/your_user_name/GOG Games/Baldurs Gate 2 Complete/prefix/drive_c/GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2

Right click and select "Open in Terminal"

2. Runing tolower. This will lowercase every file inside the game folder. We do that because Linux is case-senstive. mod.txt and MOD.txt are 2 different files.


Answer Y to both questions.

3. Installing fixpack
weinstall bg2fixpack

I said yes to all questions.

4. Installing BGT
weinstall setup-bgt

When asks for BG1 path, I pasted this (do not forget to change your_user_name with your Linux username. Be careful about capital letters.)
/home/your_user_name/GOG Games/Baldurs Gate The Original Saga/prefix/drive_c/GOG Games/Baldur's Gate

That will take some time. Surprisingly it was much faster on Linux than on windows.

NOTE: To easily (and correctly) paste the BG1 folder when asked, go to your BG1 folder normally. Toggle Location Entry. Copy it. Return to the terminal. Right click --> Paste.

5. Installing Unfinished businesses
weinstall bg1ub
weinstall ub

6. Installing widescreen Mod.
weinstall widescreen

7. Setup Music.
weinstall setup-bgtmusic

Select Option 2--> Hybrid ....

8. Installing Big world map.
weinstall setup-bp-bgt-worldmap

9. Run the game. Play a little. Test if everything works fine.

10. Installing Generalized Biffing. This will be done last. Make sure you are happy with your configuration. You do not even have to do that if you are happy with the loading times.

weinstall generalized_biffing

-------------- END OF GUIDE -------------

I did not go into detail about the concept of the mods. You can read about them in either readme files or the other sticky topics.

I played the game until Naskel Mines and everything works as it should so far.
Thanks, this is amazing! Please can it be stickied!!