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One random npc said that Narshe's iron plague thing would spread to non magical equipment so is that true or not? Kind of makes me scared to go to the mine :P

Also, do Xrar and Montaron have any special dialog there? They seem to have stopped hurrying me to go to Narshe when I went there but haven't after that said anything
This question / problem has been solved by mystralimage
In an unmodded game, only non-magical metal weapons (i.e. longswords, or axes, but not staves) can be affected and break randomly. That makes it worth carrying a staff on all characters until you get them magical weapons (some, like the longsword +2 from the bounty hunter near the mines or the warhammer +2 from Bassilus are available really early).

Do note that this happens even outside the mines, so there's no reason to hold off going there, just make sure to have a few spare weapons going in.

And no, Montaron and Xzar don't have special dialogue in the mines. IN BG 1 NPCs rarely have anything to say.
Oh, so I can safely ditch them instead of waiting that my reputation becomes higher whenever I feel like it? Okay, thanks!
You mean Nashkel, right? Narshe is in Final Fantasy VI.

I seem to recall using up so many replacement swords that at least one shop ran out, so the staves idea is probably better--assuming you have suitable weapon proficiencies.