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Last night I was going to start playing BG 1-2 and decided to follow the mod listed above to make the games play as one continuous game. After getting everything set up I went to launch BG2 and it wouldn't launch; it starts up a black screen and gets stuck that way, no crash or anything, I have to use the task manager to close it out. Well, I figured something I had selected to patch in had caused it so I uninstalled BG2 to do a clean install and see if that worked. Same thing, when I run BG2 it starts a black screen and then just hangs there. I then tried to run BG1, which wasn't modded at all, other than connecting it to the BG2 engine, and it does the same thing as well. So I tried a fresh install of BG1, no mods, just to see if it worked, and it does the same thing.

I then tried other infinity engine games to see if it was possibly something related to my computer (although I doubted it as when I first bought and installed these games I ran them all to make sure they worked, and they all did previously). Icewind Dale does the same thing the BG games do. Icewind Dale 2 seems to run fine, with a few graphical errors. Planescape Torment does the same thing the BG games do. So I'm really confused about all of this. Is there a separate way I have to uninstall the mods I had installed other than just installing the core game? Would the mods affect the other IE games? What can I do to fix this?

Additionally, I set the BG mods up on my laptop as I did for my desktop, and it runs perfectly fine. I can play BG1 from the BG2 client, no errors, etc. so I don't think I did anything inherently wrong on my desktop in setting it up.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Where (what folder) did you install the games to? Do not install to 'Program Files'.

When you uninstalled, did you ensure that you removed all traces of the previous install, ie. if the BG folders were still there containing stuff, delete them before re-installing? If you left any traces, like an old weidu.log or something like it, that could mess things up when you re-install. Also, BGT absolutely requires a pristine installation of BG1, with no mods WHATSOEVER.
Sorry, I knew I should have included the obvious in my first post but I was in a rush.

My GOG games are installed on a different hard drive entirely, it's not a pathing issue. I scanned my computer for any traces of the games after uninstalling and there were none. That also doesn't explain why a few of my other IE suddenly stopped working. Before trying to do the merge of BG1 with the 2 engine, I had never installed any other mods, so that isn't the problem.

Like I said, before I followed the steps on this forum to make BG1 run in the BG2 engine, the games worked fine. Since trying that, they don't, and a few other IE games don't. Really baffled on it.
In that case then, what graphics drivers do you have? If you have the latest nVidia drivers, the seem to be causing all sorts of grief for a lot of people. If so, roll back to an older version. I had some issues, and I'm back on 314.22 which is working just fine.
I'm not sure if they're the newest or not, may be a version or two behind, as I seem to recall getting a notification about a new update being available. I'll check when I get home and can use my PC again. That very well be the case, considering the games worked fine months ago when I purchased and tested them, and have since updated my nvidia drivers.
Little update in case anyone else has a similar problem. It was the video drivers, although not the most recent. I believe they were 3.16 something, but updating to the 3.20 something seems to have fixed the problem as the games load now (although there was a lot of graphical errors on the BG2 menu, hopefully that will be sorted out after I apply the mods.)