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In the past I played both games for a couple of hours, but never serious. Recently I refound my passion for gaming and after finishing the first Fallout. I will give the realm of baldur's gate a serious try.

Here is my question:

Will my experience of the BG series be lesser if I use the mod BGT-WEI mod? I am not an d&d purist and just want to explore a great story and rpg, my commen sense is telling me: 2 games in 1 is bigger so is more is better experience.

What do you guys think: should I just play bg1 as a single game or just play the both as one game?
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korenbloem: I am not an d&d purist and just want to explore a great story and rpg,
That is all that is needed to give a sensible answer, which is: install BGT. That way, you can take your character seamlessly right through from Candlekeep to the Throne of Bhaal -- no need to import into BG2 -- and the other BG1 characters that appear in BG2 (Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc, Viconia, Edwin) will also be seamlessly integrated into BG2 with their stats from your BG1 playthrough.

Not only this, but you will be playing on the far superior BG2 Infinity Engine. You will have access to kits not normally available in vanilla BG1, and more. If you were a purist, the story would be different, but since you're not...
There is a lot to like about the original BG1. The interface is not one of those things. I consider most mods for most games to be entirely optional matters of personal taste. Using the BG2 interface for BG1, however, is such an improvement that it does not fall into the category of subjective personal taste. I would strongly, strongly recommend BG Tutu.

As for any other mod changing the content, you can if you want but you don't need to and you will enjoy the game just fine without.
I'd suggest that you play them separately. The reason is that the system of BG1 has numerous differences with the system of BG2, and there are other unimportant but interesting differences, e.g. the UI is quite different and actually I prefer BG1's UI. If you hate the low resolution you can always try the high resolution mod.
If the graphics and interface of Fallout were good enough for you should be able to bear BG unmodded since graphics and interface are a little less old.There's no need to change anything from the original.

You get 2 games if you play unmodded and one game with two different stories (you won't be able to jump between the parts) if you play modded, 2 games are better than one.
I'd recommend Easy TuTu.
You get the BG2 engine, but are able to keep them as the two separate games that they are.
BG1 is really suited to ranged characters because your team is so weak.
TuTu (with bg2tweaks) allows you to keep the much simpler BG1 weapon proficiency's (better suited to the game)
and BG1's proper Grand Mastery.
Modding is also much easier when you keep the games separate.
Importing a saved character at the start of BG2 takes a few seconds & you are stripped of your gear at the start of BG2 whether you use Easy TuTu or BGT.
Yes, being able to access your inventory in combat makes the game a little easier, but BG1 is hard enough first time through, & you don't have to use it if you don't want to.
For a first timer, I'd recommend playing the two games separately. BG1 is simpler, a lot less complicated, than BG2, and you can kit your character if you import them into BG2. The only mods I'd recommend are the Fix Packs and a few items from the Tweak Packs found at Gibberlings 3. Increased stacking is always helpful, and Portable Containers for BG1 since they didn't consider Bags of Holding when they made the game.

The BG1 Fixpack I refer to is still in beta, but is still better than the others (IMHO). Find any post by plainab at Gibberlings 3, and follow the link to his website (sasha-al-therin I think).
Thanks for the different advise.I installed the BGT-mod because i was eager to start, and the first replay said: Install the bgt (because I am not an d&d purist).

I dont care about the grapics. I have the widescreen mod, did an high resolution, but set it back to 800x600 :P.

Well Like I said I played both games for a couple of hours. bg 1 recently and bg 2 a couple of years back. The BGT mod makes things really different compaired with the first bg1. But I guess I like the flow of it.

I will play the game with BGT mod for now, and will of course replay both games separtly.

I guess the only solution is to play the games more then once.