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xenobrain: Well the "Back to Baldur's Gate" mod mentioned in the "Untested" section is the same idea--a tactics mod. His description is simply,

"Back To Baldur's Gate is essentialy a "Harder Enemies" patch, with more
than 130 enemies changed!

These have new Stats/Skills/Scripts to give the player a
much more tactical/satisfying gaming experience."

Also note that the mod requires "Dark Side of the Sword Coast".

I've tested it a little, and so far it's not bad but seems it hasn't gotten the playtesting of SCS yet.

If you try it be sure to report your experience back to the author. From reading his forum I get a strong impression he would appreciate and be very receptive to feedback.
Thanks for the answer. I just realized that BG1 NPC Project is BGT or Mega-Mod only, by the look of it. That's the last hurdle for me. I love that mod.
Yea, you've just hit a sore spot there. The BG1 NPC Project is to me the single biggest reason to install BGT/Tutu, even more than the gameplay enhancements of the conversion itself or any other mod. I miss it dearly when I play the game with the otherwise excellent configuration above.

I've been tempted for a long time to figure out how to convert it to the BG1 engine. I may yet, one day.
Thanks for updating the post, I'm sure that'll help others get the mods installed more smoothly.

I've decided to try my first playthrough with just the widescreen/UI and Baldurdash mods. The Unfinished Business mod also looks interesting, but judging from the forum posts on the Pocket Plane site it looks as though there will be a new version available soon, so I'll wait for that one.
The GUI mod doesn't work for me, no matter what resolution I put it at.
I got the widescreen mod working ok. I put it at 1280x768. I downloaded the GUI mod, set the path to my Baldur's Gate 1 GOG directory, and everytime it just says "Access Denied". What am I doing wrong?
Sounds like Windows Vista/7 UAC. Right-click and run as administrator.
Bump for utility. Guide seekers should also check out this guide.
Nimnio: Bump for utility. Guide seekers should also check out this guide.
I'm jealous, I want a samus picture :(.
Are there any AI/Difficulty mods that can be used with this setup? I'm trying to think of all the questions I need to possibly combine the best parts of the three prominent guides here. Thanks for the help.
Shameless bump
Regarding Dudleyfix. It's a neat little fixpack to use with conjunction with Baldurdash one (the readme even urges to install baldurdash first as they fix different things). However it introduces a bug people should be aware of - it makes Ulgoth's Bear inaccessable. You have to use a console command to actually go to Ulgoth's Beard , but after that you can access it normally through the map.

Can't comment on compatibility much. On that playthrough I only installed the fixes and the tweak pack. So at least it's not bad if you want a mostly 'vanilla' game.
that's exactly the mod I was looking for.
I never played BG and didn't want to play with mods that would change the game feels like.
I just wanna a mod to play it in high resolution (1440x900) and maybe a bugfix.
But i still don't think I will install the GUI mod as it does not support my monitor native resolution.
Anyone know if it's worth ? I mean, the pros that I get with GUI mod but not playing in my native resolution worth it ?

Thanks for the post anyway.
I realized that I've been meaning to sticky this for forever and kept forgetting to. Excellent work, Xenobrain!
Hey i just want to let anyone know that tries the Widescreen + GUI combo
on a netbook with no 3d acceleration abilities that there will be a problem because its not supporting this resolution "1366x768" it's only supporting 1024x600 but that resolution results in the game not starting and sending a error message back where it says the chdisplay something can't be opened.

If anyone has a solution to this i am all ears but right now i think i just go with Easytutu it seems to work alright with the netbook "samsung nf310 with 1366x768 display" combo.

Also for other having the same headack if your using the Widescreen mod you will have to somehow get in window mode when your starting a MP game or joining. however after you got through that process you can safely switch to full screen.


Edit found out that the res: 1280x720 works on these type of displays hope this helps others in same problem :)

I been working on this over 7 hours and well i just don't want others to have the same experience. Happy gaming everyone :)
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