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Hi there,

I have a high-end late 2018 Macbook Pro running 10.14.6. I'm highly unlikely to upgrade the OS because of its loss of 32 bit compatibility, which would be a big blow to me.

I didn't check the system requirements before buying BG3, and:

a) Thus didn't notice that it wouldn't work with 10.14.6,
b) Installed it anyway through the GOG client;
c) tried to open the game and nothing happened -- quickly.

I immediately did a `ps auxw|grep -i baldur' and saw this:

myname 97484 0.0 0.0 0 0 ?? Z 10:22pm 0:00.00 (Baldur's Gate 3)

-- i.e. a zombie process (bad! bad process!) had been formed.
I then immediately called the game directly to find out what was going on, and saw:

application requires at least OS X version 10.15.6 (10.15.6), but is being run on 10.14.6 ( 10.14.6/18G5033), and so is exiting.Abort trap: 6

Which, while disappointing, makes sense at least. However, creating zombies is a bad thing, and GOG Galaxy / BG3 shouldn't do this because they cannot easily be killed without restarting the OS. For example:

MacBook-Pro-Vega:~ myusername$ sudo kill -9 97484; sleep 2; ps aux|grep 97484
myusername 97773 0.7 0.0 4399088 864 s002 S+ 10:29pm 0:00.00 grep 97484
myusername 97484 0.0 0.0 0 0 ?? Z 10:22pm 0:00.00 (Baldur's Gate 3)

Additionally, I'd love to ask:

(a) Is there any chance whatsoever of building it against 10.14.6? Pleeeeaaaseee?
(b) Failing that, how about a linux version? I'm sure it works under Proton but my main and most powerful computer runs linux (for scientific purposes) and a native client would be amaaazzziiiing....
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