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I'm barely able to enjoy the game anymore. I've dumped a ton of hours, reading every book, slowly working my way into Act 3. I have like 200 hours or something into the game, although some of that is just me leaving the game running while I work and such, in hope of getting a few minutes to play here and there.

This started happening recently, in Chapter 3 when I first got to the lower city, and ever since. It crashes all the time, then all my quick saves back for HOURS end up corrupted. I lost 6 hours of gameplay on Wednesday, and only got back to where I was last night. Overall I've lost like 15 hours of repeating the same stuff because I have to lose two hours every time I play 3.

I reached out to Larian, but if anyone else has other suggestions, please let me know. I am so very upset. I've reduced my summons to minimum, only my evocation wizard's elemental and cleric's Deva. Saw on one post it might be related. I just finished the Spectator battles in House of Hope, and when trying to reload, out of combat, to an out of combat save, nothing works - all the way to before I snuck into Raphael's chambers. Before the hammer, before the fight to the prison, before the misphits and spectators.

Idk how long they take to get back, it's been 5 days or so, and I'm so exhausted and demotivated by this.
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