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They have for one the incremental patches from hotfix to patch.

They also have released the offline-files for the full installation of the latest version.

You can do as suited best!
Patch 2 is out now. Waiting for the GOG offline installers.
Porsche2000: Patch 2 is out now. Waiting for the GOG offline installers.
Likely going to drop sometime tomorrow.
The unexpected release of the "Patch 1 Data fix" offline installers over the weekend (on last Sunday no less, if I recall correctly) could indicate that GOG finally realised that taking too long with providing patch offline installers for that hugely popular title that hasn't left the bestsellers list over the last 4 weeks is actually costing them sales.

Fingers crossed that from now on Baldur's Gate 3 finally receives the same special "fast track" treatment as the patch offline installers for "inhouse" titles like Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077.
Where is patch 2 offline installer???
The offline Installer is there. The patch has been withdrawn, however. If accidentally or on purpose, because there was a problem with it nobody knows. Seems they went into the weekend without an offline patch, which sucks big time. Re-downloading more than 100GB is not a viable option for me. And even if I did that the install procedure of the whole game takes hours!

I WILL NOT INSTALL THE *** GALAXY CLIENT, GOG!!! The only reason to buy at Gog is not having to use a client - or I could just use Steam and be happy.