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Larian released patch 1 yesterday untested and busted... today they hotfixed that patch, untested and busted again

any people on gog Galaxy that didn't grad the first patch 1 will get a "fixed" version of patch 1 today and you guessed it

IF you grabbed your 2nd patch 1 then saves made on the first patch 1 are busted i.e, dont sync but that is only a problem if you grabbed the 1st patch 1 on one system, played / saved it then grabbed the 2nd patch 1 on another system.

IF you only have 1 system and grabbed the 2nd patch 1 then the rendor files are now corrupt [see image] and the fix for this is
1 open larian launcher with V instead of DX11
2 allow longer to boot, each system is different but ruffy twich as long as normal
once it fully boots, check the options are how you like then shut game down and reboot with DX11
hmm i wonder if i avoided the issue you experienced as i start baldur's gate without the Larian launcher
the issue is which copy of patch 1 you got and more important did you mix them between different systems

these are small issues if you know how to work around them but you can lose a lot of game play by having two systems set to cross save without noticing