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Seweryn: I love CRPGs but I do not know if this game is for me because...
jberry3: Baldur's Gate 3 is a turn-based role playing game. You "do not like turn-based role playing games."

BG3 is similar to Divinity: Original Sin. DOS was a game which you "couldn't get into."

BG3 uses the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules. You "did not especially like" that version.

Those are three reasons why you would probably not enjoy Baldur's Gate 3.

You seem to be open-minded and willing to try something, even when it appears that you might not care for it. That is one reason why you might enjoy playing Baldur's Gate 3.

That's three strong reasons that you might not enjoy the game, and one tangential reason why you might enjoy the game.

If I were to place a wager on whether or not you would enjoy Baldur's Gate 3, then I would bet that you would not find the game to be enjoyable.
Sorry for not replying sooner.
The reason I stopped playing dos 2 were as follows: After a while when you become powerful getting into a battle was a headache since you are forced into turned based mode.
For me it all comes to efficiency, in pathfinder the same encounter that took me less then 20 seconds
in real time mode, in turn base took me 2 or 3 minutes.
They could have add fast turn base mode like in max 1/2 or like it is in fallout tactics.
Seweryn: After a while...a headache since you are forced into turned based mode.
For me it all comes to efficiency... in real time mode...
Baldur's Gate 3 has both real-time and turn-based gameplay. A great majority of the game is played in real time (although the human player may voluntarily switch out of it), which is in effect while one is exploring, traveling, and generally doing most things. The principal exception is during combat—the game switches to turn-based play for the duration of the combat (although members of the human player's party can make some kinds of attacks while remaining undetected, and as long as the enemy has not officially engaged in combat with the player, real-time gameplay will continue). You can choose to activate turn-based movement whenever you'd like, and its finer control mechanism can be very useful when navigating perilous situations, such as trying to sneak past a sentry.

Most of the time, Baldur's Gate 3 is played in real time; during combat, the game switches to turn-based movement, and you stay in that mode during the duration of that battle.
mathaetaes: The gameplay of BG3 is very different from BG1 and BG2. The story telling is different (much improved, [...]
I dont think you actually speak about storytelling because storytelling as such cant be improved.

One cant actually have better storytelling than, for example, the bible, or Shakespeare, or whatever other such source you fancy.

The storytelling of BG3 is okayish. But I miss the goody two shoes characters.
Seweryn: I love CRPGs but I do not know if this game is for me because

1stly. I do not like turn base combat rpgs.
2ndly. Despite my excitement, I couldn't get into Divinity Original Sin 2.
3rdly. I do not especially like dnd 5 version.

Also from what I heard and saw this game is more of a clone of Divinity Original Sin, with dnd paint.

Everyone is praising this game like it was second coming of jesus christ.
I just do not see it.
Am I wrong?
I saw similar blind dedication for Witcher 3, borderlands 3 etc.
Is it warranted/justified or not?
Thanks for the info,
I was wary at first too. I thought I prefer real time with pause, pillars of eternity being a favorite and I had trouble getting into both DoS 1 and 2. However, watching part of an EA playthrough (specifically swayed me and it turned out great. IMHO, BG3 is more dissimilar to DoS 1 and 2 than similar. I previously posted a lengthy comparison:

To address your specific points:

1 and 2: combat encounters are less of a slog in BG3. Due to difficulty, flexibility and the more interesting abilities from DnD 5e vs DoS. Larian has done a great job of ensuring that most if not all abilities are useful at some point or rather. There are far, far more options than the DoS games. There is also way more meat in the rest of the game that combat doesn't dominate the experience in the same way it did for DoS.

3: reiterating the above, Larian has done such a good job of offering situations where so many of your characters' abilities are useful. A highlight for me, pun intended, was that I didn't think a spell like Daylight would see much use but there's a lengthy section of the game where it's absolute gold. I have the impression they tried hard to ensure every ability they put in the game is useful and not just included because it's in the DnD handbook.

I should say, though, what I look for in a CRPG is the whole package of story, characters, lore, exploration and combat. If you're only after one or a few of those, you may have a worse experience.