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Downloading. ;-)
It's past relese time now. Can someone download?

It shows only 69gig for me which is early access
Post edited August 03, 2023 by Varden997
It still offers me only the early access 69GB version.
I don't see the new release of the game up yet on GoG... where is it GoG????
5.05 PM in CEST and GOG still hasn't gotten the god damn memo.

Fucking brilliant.

Edit: Turns out GOG Galaxy doesn't update on its own. You have to manually restart the application, because the top brass at CDPR are happy pushing a damn potato app as their main game delivery service.
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its 105gb now :D
Restarted galaxy and I could start the release download !
Arachnarok_Rider: 5.05 PM in CEST and GOG still hasn't gotten the god damn memo.

Fucking brilliant.
Thats not the Problem. The missing Communication is.

I dont want to spend the next 1-6 hours pressing f5 on the store page. i want to waste them in character creation
Active in GOG here in France, install 105Go...
yep, it's still not available
Uhm, where is the released game? It's past 8AM. Still shows as in DEV.
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I just restarted the galaxy client and the release version is available !
my download is 105gb so im assuming thats the full game
I had to restart my machine to get rid of any caching of the page details, the product page hasn't updated but the download size has changed to be above 100+GB
Any change yet? Has anyone on GOG been able to download the real game yet. It still looks like EA.