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I'm playing through Episode 1 and when Marty gives her back her lost shoe, she goes and places it beside the other shoe which is 50 years old and looks very worn out like she has worn that one shoe non-stop for 50 years. I can see why they may have done this in game for artistic purposes or whatnot, but these sort of things always make me laugh in games/movies/etc. as it requires a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. :)

I mean realistically if someone lost a shoe like that, they would almost certainly throw the other shoe in the garbage very soon after. There would be very little reason to keep an old shoe to which the other was lost or stolen. Ok, lets say that there was some kind of sentimental value to the shoe - her grandma gave it to her and died and the shoe reminded her of grandma. Ok, we can fabricate what-ifs like that to try to explain it away, but then you just get to the next suspension of disbelief which is that in the 1980s she not only still has the 50 year old shoe, but immediately remembers it and it is right there. Her apartment is extremely small and she doesn't look like a junk collector except for the newspaper collection, so she doesn't seem like an overt hoarder. It seems surprising that she would not only keep the shoe all this time but know where it is and be able to dig it out almost immediately.

But, the old she she has appears very worn, as in worn out by usage over time. I find it difficult to believe that any woman on earth would keep a single shoe like this, but would continue to wear one high heeled shoe. What did she wear on the other foot, a mismatched shoe? It just seems preposterous. :) Even if she did for sentimental value, her reaction to getting the other shoe back would have been much more emotional of a reaction from her. Not only that, who wouldn't respond to something like that with things like "Oh my god, I lost that shoe 50 years ago! How on Earth did you find it? Who are you and how do you know it is my shoe?" There are dozens of things a normal person would say/react to such a situation like that. But she just has a short non-emotional "who cares, no big deal" reaction then goes back to the window to yell at kids across the street that aren't there. LOL

I'm totally not buying the whole "she kept the shoe all this time" thing.

P.S. For those that can't figure it out... I'm not complaining about the game or tearing holes in it or anything like that. I'm merely making rational observations of what I find to be somewhat hilarious aspects of entertainment products through the suspension of disbelief. When you pull yourself out of some fiction and look at it more objectively like this, a whole new element of entertainment can come out of the silliness of some things like this. :)