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Seems like every day brings another issue. ::sighs:: Now I'm having issues with sound. Flak stops making sound when I remain at a station, but if I switch stations (ex. chin to tail) it starts up again . . . only to stop after a few seconds. As long as I keep swapping stations/views, the flak keeps making sounds.

Also, propeller pitch/sound is now wacko. I'll be making a landing approach, and no matter what throttle speed I'm at (max to idle) the only sound I hear is that as if I'm taxying.
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This fixed all sound errors for me, hope it helps......

the B17 main directory.(Computer, local disk, Program Files (x86), Microprose, B17) Then, go to the run command line and type regedit. Once in regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microprose \B17\General and right click on UseA3d, select modify, change the 0 to 1 and click ok. Then exit and use the my computer to navigate to local disk, Program Files (x86), Microprose, B17. Then locate and start(double click) the game using the Game.exe file (Just says Game with a B-17 icon) rather than B-17setup.exe, -(there are two and there are three B-17 icons, make sure it's the correct one) Then play the game normally, your gun sounds will be back along with the mechanical turret sounds. It's a good idea while you are in that B-17 folder to right click the B-17 Game.exe icon (or list, I have icons turned on) and send to desktop (create shortcut) Rename your new shortcut to say B-17 Sound Fix or whatever so you don't click the wrong one. (you should have two on your desktop now)

If you run B17setup.exe (start game normally) at any point after this the above registry UseA3d entry will go back to 0 and you will have to redo the fix. So if you make a change to the resoulution etc. just redo it and your all set. No problems for me so far.
Much Thanks to wombat778!!! I can finally play this game without stutter and now with sound!
Wow that's an odd fix to have to do. I guess the game is somehow getting confused with what audio hardware and drivers are installed. Very strange seeing as Aureal was a fairly short lived technology that Creative Labs killed off as quickly as they could.

For those that have to do the registry hack, when running the setup.exe is the "Use A3D" still greyed out?