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Avernum 2 how do I add items through the cheat menu?

I have tried entering the code number of armor or a weapon but nothing happens.

How do I add armor or a weapon?

I hope someone can help me.

OK so i figured it out after much searching on the internet. I found an answer on the spiderweb software forum.

I can't seem to post the link for some reason...:(

It involves editing one of the dialogue files in the Avernum "scripts" folder.

I edited this file as it is right near the start of the game.

The file is called: t70Fort Ganrickdlg

and I added this bit of scripting to the file:

state = 20;
nextstate = -1;
condition = 1;
question = "_You should leave these tunnels._";
text1 = "_I don't think so. I'm going to hide down here. Unless more of them dig out. Then I'll ... I don't know!_ She crouches and buries her face in her hands.";
code =
action = END_TALK;

The parts I added were:

code =

Then when you talk to Maxine you will get a flaming sword and a frozen blade added to your inventory when you finish the dialogue option "you should leave these tunnels..."

I know its complicated but that seems the only way to add items. Also the items numbers listed on the internet don't seem to match up with the item numbers I entered. It was basically trial and error and a bit of luck. I stopped typing in numbers when I got those two weapons. I'm sure there are many other useful weapons and potions and armor that could be added but I was happy with finding those two useful weapons.

Anyway I hope others find this useful.

Post edited January 17, 2015 by nkoehne169