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BUILD 0.0098
- Fixed null reference on structure takeDamage from dead npc.
- Fixed law enforcement targeting player ship from dead npc.
- Fixed bug allowing for speed clicking of 2 stations or structures.
- Fixed tactical sensors toggle on structure dock and undock.
- Fixed refinery bug causing game to crash on long runs.
- Fixed bug station zoom behind panels while refinery is running.
- Fixed bug station zoom behind panels while fabricator is running.
- Fixed bug allowing for item drag on closed refinery.
- Fixed bug allowing for item drag on closed fabricator.
- Fixed bug allowing for button clicks in refinery when closed but running.
- Fixed mission page display bug showing extra page with no missions listed.
- Fixed bug showing cargo space error when dragging to refinery.
- Fixed bug allowing for button clicks in fabricator when closed but running.
- Fixed bug where crates do not spawn with needed space for mission items.
- Fixed mission sort filter from reseting when accepting missions.
- Fixed mission sort while navigating other station services.
- Fixed bug causing crash on fabricator.
- Fixed display text on structure cargo max capacity message.
- Fixed structure cargo transfer bug causing leftover icon on screen.
- Fixed null background event id causing error flag with rapid dock - undock.
- Fixed GOG achievments not sending to GOG servers.
- Fixed bug with raider max spawn timer.
- Fixed drone combat AI bug preventing effective usage during combat.
- Fixed raider missile bug when raider is killed at the same moment missile is launched.
- Fixed text display bug in social background event generator.
- Fixed warp gate click and structure click bug at the same time.
- Fixed market WORLD_OPTIONS_market_selling_modifier bug.
- Fixed Life Support item exploit when purchasing at structure.
- Fixed warpgate path near Proctors station to Alpharis gate near Biomate.
- Fixed multi market bug so that sell item price mod matches single item sale.
- Adjusted retro achievement submit button in medals page to work with GOG.
- Adjusted sandbox generation code to use economy database supply and demand.
- Adjusted memory freeing garbage collection on station undock.
- Adjusted refinery process code for better performance.
- Adjusted fabricator process code for better performance.
- Adjusted cargo expansion passive modules bonus formula, now based on base ship cargo.
- Adjusted and reduced drone energy use for all drone actions.
- Adjusted drone action distance from static value to dynamic value.
- Adjusted static drone orbit distance value.
- Adjusted all station offices in Void Starcross to remove old outdated tutorials.
- Added bug report error option to automatically send info via email client.
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BUILD 0.0099
- Fixed collision detection issues for uber high speed modded projectiles.
- Fixed null reference bug on station storage load routine.
- Fixed bug when self destructing while docked at structure.
- Fixed set color null reference bug on map filter.
- Fixed null reference error on crate cargo inventory add and remove.
- Fixed null reference error on garage manage item script.
- Fixed bad texture on prop rock_mountain_2.
- Fixed -1 cargo items bug on main cargo panel when empty.
- Fixed remote fabricator timestamp load bug.
- Fixed refinery credits count to stop when not at refinery station.
- Fixed null reference bug on fleet drone commands.
- Fixed null reference bug ship engine update script.
- Fixed memory leak with station billboard ad repetitive loading.
- Fixed null reference error on structure manage item script.
- Fixed item image load routine for better runtime performance.
- Fixed storage lease button showing past max storage lease level.
- Fixed market sell logs to show decimal values on small numbers.
- Fixed merc formation timer to match gameplay timer.
- Fixed npc cargo bug when moving all to ship with locked items.
- Fixed bug with ship swap in shipyard causing null reference error.
- Fixed null reference error on pulse scanner.
- Fixed market bug causing error when double clicking market button.
- Fixed image display bug on journal scans for ships.
- Fixed office button showing in structures without scripting for offices.
- Fixed bug allowing for merc deactivation when docked in structure.
- Fixed fabricator inventory refresh when ship cargo is full on move.
- Adjusted market economy min and max faction and tax bonuses.
- Adjusted market fluxuation formula when selling non demand items.
- Adjusted error log to append errors during session, not replace.
- Adjusted error log to clear old errors upon loading new game session.
- Adjusted with an increase to all miner module items beam projectile speeds.
- Adjusted campaign map 15 (Jermicus).
- Adjusted campaign map 16 (Entropy).
- Adjusted campaign map 17 (Rats of Mortalis).
- Adjusted campaign map 18 (Gendaria).
- Adjusted campaign map 19 (Crellara).
- Adjusted campaign map 20 (Cliffs of Drameria).
- Adjusted campaign map 21 (Stellar Keep).
- Adjusted campaign map 23 (Carioullis).
- Adjusted campaign map 24 (Soldeux).
- Adjusted campaign map 25 (Jonahmi).
- Adjusted campaign map 27 (Zellis).
- Adjusted campaign map 29 (Noah Fox).
- Adjusted campaign map 30 (Phistasia).
- Adjusted campaign map 31 (Valmera Prime).
- Adjusted campaign map 32 (Geminey).
- Adjusted campaign map 33 (Void Spooflarnia).
- Adjusted campaign map 81 (Ferrelis Cove).
- Adjusted campaign map 57 (Ponze).
- Adjusted pricing with storage lease at stations.
- Adjusted max storage level to 50.
- Adjusted market data button for toggle text display.
- Adjusted ECM formula code for better resistance calculations.
- Adjusted station missions tied to faction of station.
- Adjusted all base sizes of all missiles and projectile ammo.
- Adjusted station lighting on all station service buildings.
- Adjusted galaxy map sector mouse over to prevent map obstruction.
- Adjusted a few sound effects from the update list.
- Added mission check on storage for Transport, Collect and Deliver missions.
- Added mission check on storage for Harvest, Recover and Kill Recover missions.
- Added message box with confirm button for station storage lease.
- Added new formation lock system for mercs.
- Added checkbox to disable future market warning popups.
- Added dynamic sale pricing based on quantity being sold at the market.
- Added variation star shape with negative scale value.
- Added system info to bug report text and email.
- Added sort filters for Trade goods, Documents, and Usables to station storage.
- Added search bar to station storage panel.
- Added Basic Drones tutorial to station offices in Void Starcross.
- Added confirmation on save and quit options.
- Tweaked 5 little things.
Source: Post in Astrox Imperium GOG forum.

Woohoo, 100 builds and counting!
So before I cover the good stuff, I continued my quest to improve ship AI flight and pathfinding at high speeds. I made a number of tweaks and adjustments to the ships code and things are shaping up.

I also added persisting crates, which now will remain in a sector even if you leave. This will NOT effect mission crates, as their persistence is handled differently.

I have also revamped the small buttons that live next to the module HUD. they are no longer attached to the side, and can now be revealed by moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen. This will trigger them to slide up, showing a number of new buttons that allow access to the main 6 panels. I will continue to play with this, and possibly allow you to setup the quickbar with the buttons you want to have shown.

A few more campaign map tweaks, and a few texture revamps for a number of the rock props.

Now for the good stuff, a new exploration mechanic called Wormholes. Here is the in game document that will explain everything that needs explained. I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Wormhole Introduction
Wormholes are a rare anomaly in the Astrox Universe. They are natural warp gates to unseen sectors not shown on the map until explored. Wormholes use natural cosmic energy to warp a ship from one end of the wormhole to the other. The energy involved can take time to store up in the wormhole. When the wormhole is used, energy is used as well. This can cause the wormhole to become unstable and eventually collapse it entirely.

It is currently unknown what causes wormholes to generate, but we do know it has something to do with concentrated energy. Wormholes have a small gravitational pull, and often collect trash and debris from the sector. In some cases, the items can be extremely valuable.

Wormholes can be some of the most dangerous places in the universe. Hostile environments and extremely low security can prove deadly for even the most seasoned pilots. Aside from the natural dangers, raiders like to remain hidden and thus use wormholes as a place to hide their criminal activities. Bliss production often takes place in these wormholes, and the raiders will defend their operations to the death.

Finding a Wormhole
Finding wormholes can be tricky, since they do not spawn very often. When they do, it is hard to know where they are. You cannot see them very well with the naked eye, but using some specialized equipment will help you locate their position. The Active Scanner will report if a Sector has Wormhole energy nearby. This report will also provide the signal strength and allow you to calculate the relative distance from your ship. Using this method will allow you to hone in on the signal, and eventually reveal the wormhole once you get within 500 meters.

The Wormhole Lifespan
The lifespan of a wormhole can vary, and it is not known what causes the wormholes to collect and store energy, but this energy is what transport the ship from one end to the other. With every use of the wormhole, it will degrade. Once the energy of the wormhole has been depleted, it will collapse, and you will not be able to use the wormhole until it recharges. It is not currently known what causes the wormholes to recharge naturally.

The other side
The sector area that a wormhole will transport you to will remain accessible even if the wormhole itself has collapsed. Warp drive systems are still a viable way to travel to a wormhole sector, but they can be a nightmare if you find yourself without enough fuel to get back. This may require that you harvest a star for fuel, so it is highly recommended that you always carry a harvesting beam with you when warp driving to a wormhole. The wormhole sectors usually have more jumps available at the exit gate, than the wormhole entrance.

Stabilizing the Wormhole
There are two different ways that you can keep a wormhole open and usable. The first way is to construct an energy generator near the wormhole gate. This will provide a source of energy to the wormhole and will constantly recharge the energy it uses to warp your ship. This will keep the wormhole open, however the number of consecutive uses is still limited. You will need to wait for the wormhole to recharge.

The second way to stabilize a wormhole is to construct a warpgate on top of it. Once a warpgate harness has been assembled around an entrance or exit, with a Energy Generator in range, the wormhole will transform into a warpgate, and no longer require an energy recharge for usage. If the warpgate is destroyed, the wormhole will collapse and the gate will no longer exist.

Wormhole Goodies
Some wormholes have a stronger gravitational pull than others. These tend to collect crates from nearby battles and these crates can often contain valuable items. The crates will be scattered amongst the other garbage collected by the wormhole, so it may take some looking to find them. Unlike normal crates, wormhole crates begin deteriorating even before they are unsealed for the first time. It is speculated that the warp process causes enough damage to break the seal in transit, as crates are not designed for traveling at worm speeds. Collect the crates before they expire, and their items are lost forever.

Wormholes and Raiders
It is not uncommon for Raiders to use the wormhole sectors as safe havens for their criminal activities. In many cases, the Raiders will set traps for unsuspecting wormhole explorers looking for easy profits from the mineral rich asteroids. These raider groups will hide cloaked in the asteroid fields and wait until you are mining before ambushing their unsuspecting victims. Always be prepared for combat when exploring wormholes, or you may find yourself caught off guard.

On rare occasions, Raiders will establish a hideout or headquarters inside a wormhole sector. If this is the case, you will know right away how dangerous the sector is. Raiders will be swarming around a centralized structure that usually houses the manufacturing of illegal Bliss. They will fight to the death to defend their operations, so tread lightly in these wormhole sectors.

Wormhole Paradise
Although very rare, wormhole sectors can be quite pleasant from time to time. Moderate environments, resource rich, and not a single Raider in sight. These wormhole sectors make for great mining operations, or even a full scale base with dozens of structures.

BUILD 0.0100
- Fixed market bug with price flux and market multi sell panel.
- Fixed bad ship filenames from modded games causing error on shipyard panel.
- Fixed a couple ship description spelling errors.
- Fixed autopilot slow down issue thanx to Amphos.
- Fixed MPS readout to match actual speed with new AUTOPILOT speed changes.
- Fixed billboard station background textures in all station interiors.
- Fixed ship color bug when saving in tactical.
- Fixed BACK bug in merc tutorial at end of lesson.
- Adjusted autopilot speed thrust base levels for engines.
- Adjusted autopilot AI for better afterburner pathfinding.
- Adjusted sandbox skill distribution no longer locked to sector level.
- Adjusted sandbox skill generation to prevent missing skills.
- Adjusted text size on the death panel descriptions.
- Adjusted campaign map 58 (Lins).
- Adjusted campaign map 59 (Coralor).
- Adjusted campaign map 62 (Jelumus).
- Adjusted campaign map 63 (Numbu).
- Adjusted campaign map 11 (Chamo).
- Adjusted a few ship stats on various ships.
- Adjusted nearby structures to agro when adjacent structure is attacked.
- Adjusted raider structures to prevent docking.
- Adjusted a number of prop textures and lighting.
- Added dynamic wormholes map generation.
- Added wormhole generation to the event generator.
- Added 2 wormhole events to the background events file.
- Added WORLD_OPTIONS_wormhole_chance to player_options.txt
- Added wormhole jump counter to othe target hud UI.
- Added wormhole collapse when jump energy is depleated.
- Added wormhole energy collection and recharge over time.
- Added persistent crate data for sector maps.
- Added wormhole mode for (loot hunt).
- Added wormhole mode for (raider ambush).
- Added wormhole mode for (oasis).
- Added wormhole mode for (hideout).
- Added Active scanner now detects wormholes with distance report.
- Added Active scanner fucntion to reveal wormholes when less than 500 meters.
- Added a number of UI sound effects to buttons and mouse overs.
- Added new slide-in quick bar panel below modules when mouse is over ship modules.
- Added main panel buttons to slide-in quick bar.
- Added new wormhole tutorial to starting stations.
- Added new wormhole document for pilots journal when tutorial complete.
- Tweaked 4 little things.
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BUILD 0.0100a
- Hotfix for shift afterburner speed bug.
- Fixed spelling and grammar in event_backgrounds.txt for wormholes.
- Fixed aoe bomb effect not clearing on mapload.
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Source: Post on the Steam forums

Build 101, new Journal Notepad, and Search function.
BUILD 0.0101
- Fixed engine color onload bug.
- Fixed galaxy map item set color error.
- Fixed unexplored map filter bug.
- Fixed engine thrust fx for formation locked mercs.
- Fixed bad ship asset load error from import pilot function.
- Fixed bug with npc ship factions causing out of range error.
- Fixed raiders attacking each other bug in wormholes.
- Fixed bug with sandbox sliders not effecting base ship thrust speed correctly.
- Fixed NPC inventory panel refresh bug.
- Fixed Crate inventory panel refresh bug.
- Fixed skills mouse over clipping off the screen.
- Fixed structure cargo save bug when using merc autotask.
- Fixed bookmark overlap bug preventing multiple in same sector.
- Adjusted NPC AI to sometimes target and attack raiders unprovoked.
- Adjusted engine thrust fx particles.
- Adjusted a number of recon ship special abilities.
- Added popup option and toggle for Market Warnings.
- Added popup option and toggle for Skill Training.
- Added popup option and toggle for Mission Accept.
- Added popup option and toggle for Repair Ship and Modules.
- Added popup option and toggle for Refinery Export to Storage.
- Added cycles to merc autotasking. Some mercs can do multiple things.
- Added transport Auto tasking for Transport Mercs.
- Added small timer to buffer Merc Autotask transition modes.
- Added Journal Notes panel.
- Added ability to create new journal note.
- Added rich text formatting for notes, color, size and style html permitted.
- Added functionality to edit existing journal note.
- Added delete journal note button onto journal edit panel.
- Added Journal search panel.
- Added ability to search for market items in visited stations.
- Added ablilty to search for univesity skills in visited stations.
- Added Search item click to set ship GPS to selected item or skill location.
- Tweaked 2 small things.

ill do a devlog 2moro :)
high rated

The NPC AI has been tweaked to allow for more faction rating hostility to prepare for the soon to come all out faction battles. I have also added mission generation for all of the 12 sub-factions. This will help to steer clear of any unwanted faction conflicts... unless you are looking for a fight of course.

I have added the ability to disable the skill training timer. You can access this option via the Options / Extra panel. This option will not save properly on existing games without manually placing the OPTIONS_instant_skill_training;True into the player_options.txt file of the pilot save folder.

I made a few more market tweaks, and a number of adjustments to the active modules stats. I adjusted the font size and layout of the market panel to make the data more readable.

BUILD 0.0102
- Fixed bug with market sell price modifier when item not in stock.
- Fixed drone harvest bug not pulling correct harvest value on mission rocks.
- Fixed skill training module update bug when docked in structures.
- Fixed module stats display bug when new skill is trained. (broken in b100).
- Fixed null reference error on targeting panel.
- Fixed journal search bug returning market items in stations with no market open.
- Fixed journal search bug returning skills in stations with no university open.
- Fixed wormhole crate display text bug.
- Fixed crate loot drop display text bug.
- Fixed GOG userID check prior to stat submit, preventing soft error.
- Fixed int.parse error in mission generator.
- Fixed sandbox station level slider to effect display level of station.
- Fixed ecm display stats in garage not showing updated buffs.
- Fixed confirm button text for drone skill warning on market confirm purchase btn.
- Fixed tutorial item names to match new items names in cargo.
- Fixed Camera Drag option to affect the first person view inside structures.
- Fixed null ref error in garage panel on update ship stats.
- Adjusted Damage Resistance skill descriptions to match stats.
- Adjusted NPC faction tasking ai.
- Adjusted UI map filter toggle layers.
- Adjusted Targeting panel list target items UI layer.
- Adjusted Command panel list merc items UI layer.
- Adjusted Command panel list drone items UI layer.
- Adjusted ship stats module display stats code.
- Adjusted mission payment cap to 15 million.
- Adjusted weapon active turret base mobility stats.
- Adjusted wormhole generator to prevent multiple wormholes in same sector.
- Adjusted market event frequency code for market supply adjustments.
- Adjusted display text size for market items on mouse over and buy panels.
- Adjusted bug report system, allowing for reporting via the options panel.
- Added sub-faction mission generation based on main faction of station.
- Added new npc faction hostility based on current faction rating.
- Added npc vs npc targeting and combat based on faction rating.
- Added OPTIONS_instant_skill_training in player_options.txt
- Added extras toggle option to allow for instant skill training.
- Added skill requirements display for market mouse over on active modules.
- Added skill requirements display for market mouse over on drone items.
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BUILD 0.0103
- Updated Astrox Imperium project to unity 2020.1.2f1.
- Fixed ordering of modules in garage to match ordering on main hud.
- Fixed ECM resistance calculation bug.
- Fixed shift afterburner bug when jumping through a warpgate.
- Fixed 0 item qty display in fabricator during production.
- Fixed warpgate label bug showing unstable on locked gates.
- Fixed command panel hotkey reference in mercs tutorial.
- Fixed ghosted screen view bug when warping to a new sector.
- Fixed loot crate position bug preventing proper placement of crate spawn.
- Adjusted title screen effects.
- Adjusted title screen pilot loading code.
- Adjusted all dual barrel projectile weapon mobility stats.
- Adjusted station autopilot docking distance calculation.
- Adjusted structure creation code to prevent bad filename error.
- Adjusted loot crate seal timer to slowly reduce until opened.
- Added filecheck for save folders to prevent bad save folder load.
- Added ability to move ships to currently docked station for a fee.
- Added ship move calculation costs based on cargo, distance and faction.
- Added validation for bad ship filenames causing black screen on map load.
- Added Extra Option for double click target selection instead of single click.
- Added Graphic Option for engine trail length on all ships.
- Added ability to create back-up via Extra Options panel.
- Added save backup system that will zip your pilot save game into a backup.
- Added load backup system that will unzip a backup save and restore it.
- Added the ability to delete unwanted backup savegames.
- Added ability to list and manage multiple backup savegame zips.
- Added Advanced Options document to the intro tutorial.
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BUILD 0.0104
- Adjusted mission raider to no longer display chat timers.
- Adjusted hostile npc ships to no longer display chat timers.
- Adjusted NPC hostile timer to disable after 120 sec of no combat.
- Adjusted bad skill descriptions.
- Fixed engine animation shutoff to match velocity cutoff.
- Fixed pathfinding for ships to prevent bad raycast returns.
- Fixed bug with carrier raiders droping invalid debris.
- Fixed CollisionDetectionMode.ContinuousSpeculative error on miner ammo.
- Fixed rubberbanding ship bug caused by bad pathfinding code.
- Fixed colorized ship engine error caused by new unity project update.
- Fixed bad stats on a few dual barrel projectile modules.
- Fixed spelling and hotkey error on mercs tutorial.
- Added Drone basics document to the journal docs.
- Added Drone document to the drone tutorial in Void Starcross.
- Added Faction Overview document to the journal docs.
- Added Faction overview to Welcome Center Kiosk.
- Added autopilot indicator to target HUD object.
- Added autopilot target indicator to the Targeting Panel list target items.
- Added ATL W keyboard control to point ship upwards without mouse.
- Added ATL S keyboard control to point ship downward without mouse.
high rated
BUILD 0.0105
- Fixed structure cargo error when dragging while refinery is active.
- Fixed structure cargo error when dragging while fabricator is active.
- Adjusted laser module code with sticky explosions onto target.
- Adjusted beam module code for improved combat fx.
- Adjusted mining module code for improved mining beam fx.
- Adjusted NPC spawn code to handle new ammo items.
- Adjusted a number of campaign station services.
- Adjusted raider spawn level code for softer level range.
- Adjusted base take damage modifier for raider damage.
- Adjusted raider spawn ship stats generation code.
- Adjusted Flight control code for reduce autopilot orbiting at high speeds.
- Added new explosion fx for all laser module ammo.
- Added new beam fx for all beam ammo.
- Added new explosion fx for all beam module ammo.
- Added new projectile fx for all projectile ammo.
- Added new explosion fx for all projectile module ammo.
- Added new engine glow fx for all engines.
- Added unique engine particle fx for all engines.
- Added new laser fx for all laser modules.
- Added new propulsion fx for all missile ammo.
- Added new explosion fx for all missile ammo.
- Added new Heavy missile item and unique in game object.
- Added new Advanced missile item and unique in game object.
- Added new Cruise missile item and unique in game object.
- Added new Heavy Cruise missile item and unique in game object.
- Added new Advanced Cruise missile item and unique in game object.
- Added new missile items to various campaign stations.
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BUILD 0.0106
- Fixed unlock target button with Autopilot target bug.
- Fixed unlock all targets button with Autopilot target bug.
- Fixed module take damage modifier bug.
- Fixed null reference bug on miner ammo collision.
- Fixed null reference bug on bandbox selection of targets.
- Fixed bug preventing correct frequency of special item drops.
- Fixed bug with autopilot doubleclick option on raw object mesh.
- Fixed ship pathfinding bug with bookmarked locations.
- Fixed ship slow distance bug with failed pathfinding raycasts.
- Fixed station bot ai. they weld again.
- Fixed text display for max targets on passive module stats.
- Fixed manual flight control bug caused by new autopilot option.
- Adjusted frequency of special item drops in special_items table.
- Adjusted Raider AI to ignore level 1 players, unless attacked.
- Adjusted new miner beam fx alignment.
- Adjusted new beam weapon fx alignment.
- Adjusted warp gate exit ship speed to reduce nav looping.
- Adjusted engine code for more efficient audio looping.
- Added module durability deductions based on take_damage_modifier.
- Added sound code to all ecm module objects.
- Added new notification for unlock of autopilot target.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for gun modules.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for beam weapon modules.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for laser modules.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for ecm modules.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for miner modules.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for salvager modules.
- Added 5 unique sound fx for launcher modules.
- Added 1 unique sound fx for torpedo modules.
- Added 3 unique sound fx for tractor modules.
- Added new overlapping sound for gui sound fx.
- Added module installation sound fx.
- Added module uninstallation sound fx.
- Added module repair sound fx.
- Added armor repair sound fx.
- Added 10 unique engine sound fx for all 10 engine models.
- Added dynamic engine volume based on ship thrust.
- Added dynamic engine pitch modulation based on ship thrust.
- Added 3 new station interior ambient sounds.
- Added new 3D soundscape components for all station interior objects.
- Added 5 new station exterior ambient sounds.
- Added station interior sound volume controller for galaxy map.
- Added alarm sound effect for life support system warning.
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In this video , I cover the new additions of the Autocrate and Autoscan tasks for the recon mercs, and the pirate mercs. I also gover a few bug fixes, and a number of tweaks to the graphical shaders. There have been a number of new sound effects added to the stations, and I will continue adding a few new sounds over these next few updates.

The Autocrate function for the pirate mercs will send the merc out on his own to collect any derelict crates that are floating around the current sector. Once the merc has located a crate, they will collect the contents of the crate, and haul it back to the fleet formation. From there, you can manually remove the contents of the crate, and the merc will continue collecting crates until no crates remain in the sector. Once all the crates have been collected, the merc will disable the autotask, and return to the fleet formation.
The Autoscan function is available on the recon mercenaries. When activated, the merc will look around the current sector for any unscanned structure, station or warpgate. Once an unscanned target has been found, the merc will travel to that target and autoscan it. This will added the target item into the targeting panel as a prescanned object. Once all of the unscanned objects in the sector have been added to the targeting panel, the merc will return to the fleet formation, and disable the autoscan.
I have added a number of sound effects to the stations. Docking and Undocking now have sound triggers. The refinery and fabricator also have new sounds when activating these services. I have added sounds to the shipyard, life support panel, and a few other UI elements. I have also added a mute button for the alarm sound on the life support warning panel.

There have been a number of tweaks and adjustments to all flight AI code for all ships. This will help to smooth out the warpgate transitions and station docking. Merc formation code and flight AI has also been improved.

I have added the ability to sort the targeting list based on distance, type, damage, and name. You can also view the stats of deactivated mercs, as well as their cargo bay even when they are too far away to transfer the cargo.

BUILD 0.0107
- Updated Unity project to 2020.1.8f1.
- Fixed mouse wheel click target focus when in pilot mode.
- Fixed drone bug causing extra drones to be removed from cargo.
- Fixed autopilot ship target on station undock.
- Fixed sandbox HSE mode wormhole gate lock bug.
- Fixed targeting bug with aggressive stance AI.
- Fixed autotask targeting bug with aggressive stance AI.
- Fixed null miner ammo bug returning null reference exception.
- Fixed default collision layer for npc ships.
- Fixed slider for emission brightness in custom garage options.
- Fixed bad texture scaling on mountain_prop_2.
- Fixed bad raider level bug causing error on raider background events.
- Fixed mission cargo bug causing error when partial qty is collected.
- Fixed storage cargo refresh bug when drag installing life support items.
- Fixed multiple clicking on death penalty option bug.
- Fixed circle cursor bug when exiting to title screen.
- Fixed alarm bug for lifesupport sounding after death.
- Adjusted drone ai code for optimization when docked with ship.
- Adjusted structure ai code for optimization when detecting aoe collisions.
- Adjusted base wormhole gate recharge time for faster charging.
- Adjusted Blargs Ammo Emporium station services and market items.
- Adjusted base ship recharge code and increased core recharge rate.
- Adjusted the structure_builds.txt for structure construction dependencies.
- Adjusted camera zoom controller to prevent zooming to close to mercs.
- Adjusted AI code for merc auto patrol and combat.
- Adjusted merc formation gravity code to prevent overspeed of mercs.
- Adjusted NPC ship targeting AI for better random selection of targets.
- Adjusted ship steering conditions when steering with autopilot on.
- Adjusted bloom threshold and intensity in options control.
- Adjusted ambient lighting controls for all stations and structures.
- Adjusted ship AI flight controls when approaching warpgate.
- Adjusted code for smooth module position reset.
- Adjusted miner modules to only harvest current target of module.
- Adjusted engine pitch control code for engine sound fx.
- Updated campaign Beacon Spita sector and station 36.
- Updated campaign Dogstar Prime sector and station 40.
- Updated campaign Jonijo Lexa sector 46.
- Updated campaign Kilotorish sector 50.
- Updated campaign Heliojen sector 53.
- Updated structure effects code for better performance.
- Added new Sound FX for shipyard activation.
- Added new sound FX for refinery activation and deactivation.
- Added new sound FX for fabricator activation and deactivation.
- Added new sound FX for new mission.
- Added new sound FX for mission completion.
- Added UI sound FX to various buttons and panels in the station.
- Added sound FX for life support item install and uninstall.
- Added sound FX for docking and undocking.
- Added alarm sound fx toggle icon to life support warning panel.
- Added new tactical UI grid.
- Added HIDE command to scripting engine for dialog box.
- Added small storage unit buildable structure.
- Added small office buildable structure.
- Added machine platform buildable structure.
- Added habitat buildable structure.
- Added large energy generator buildable structure.
- Added ability to sort Target list by Distance, Damage, Class, and Name.
- Added improved tooltip for sort button mouseover on targeting panel.
- Added Autotask details for tactical hud on mercs.
- Added new autotask (Scanning) for all Recon mercs.
- Added camera focus button to active merc overview panel.
- Added cargo button to active merc overview panel.
- Added autotask toggle buttons to the active merc overview panel.
- Added new autotask (Crate Looting) for all Pirate mercs.
- Added ability to view merc cargo when out of transfer range.
- Added ability to view merc stats when deactivated in fleet panel.
- Added autotask indicators to merc stats in fleet panel.
- Added construction materials to various campaign stations.
- Added construction materials BPs to various campaign stations.
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BUILD 0.0108

- Fixed market log bug causing black screen when undocking.
- Fixed null reference bug in sort distance function.
- Fixed Life support timer bug.
- Fixed fleet tutorial bug from biomate station.
- Fixed sandbox wormhole raider explosion bug.
- Fixed scaled cloaking fx bug for ecm cloak device.
- Fixed a few spelling errors.
- Fixed command bug when docking drones that are already docked.
- Fixed structure bug preventing material upgrades of some structures.
- Fixed bug preventing structure deploy with old saved game files.
- Fixed structure ID numbers on all buildable structure files.
- Fixed structure script id bug causing bad office button display.
- Adjusted special item drop frequency in special_items.txt file.
- Adjusted npc targeting ai to prevent non faction related attacks.
- Adjusted (ModTools) UI ,font and button placements.
- Adjusted all structure cargo capacity.
- Added (ModTools Scripting) remaining descriptions to scripting editor commands.
- Added (ModTools Item Editor) New Item editor UI list for all game items.
- Added (ModTools Item Editor) New edit item stats panel.
- Added (ModTools Item Editor) Input field toggle for null reference values.
- Added (ModTools Item Editor) Drag window ability to edit stats panel.
- Added Warpgate Generator to the buildable structures database.
- Added Wormhole to Warpgate conversion for Warpgate Generator structures.
- Added collision detection on space debris props.