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BUILD 0.0060
* Fixed scrolling face cycle bug on character creations page.
* Fixed MERC close toggle button on merc panel.
* Fixed tutorial description colors for shield and armor.
* Fixed modslot bugs on a number of ships.
* Fixed ship with missing engine.
* Fixed ship editor modslot id assignment bug.
* Fixed event generator overwritting market storage bug.
* Fixed event generator code for better performance.
* Added framerate limiter to WORLD_OPTIONS in player_options.txt
* Added default framerate limit to 60 fps.
* Added small close button to merc panel.
* Added Autotask Indicators to fleet items on Fleet panel.
* Added UI color to title screen (values in game_config.txt)
* Added professions.txt database to MOD/objetcs.
* Added slider to face selection on character creation panel.
* Added slider to accessory selection on character creation panel.
* Added UI coloring to new character creation panel.
* Added 12 starting professions.
* Added base skills to each of the starting professions.
* Added professions panel to the new campaign creation sequence.
* Added profession ID to player save data file.
* Adjusted a few engine color decals.
* Adjusted a number of engine fx.
* Adjusted resolution scale for new campaign screen.
* Adjusted layout of new campaign panels.
high rated
BUILD 0.0063
* Fixed fabricator item duplication bug.
* Fixed multiple mission turn in msgbox bug.
* Fixed mission storage service bug.
* Fixed market BUY slider to calc cargo space for max.
* Fixed slider display bug with 0 qty.
* Fixed mining XP scaling bug.
* Fixed bookmark text hotkey bug.
* Fixed ship special stats bug for cycle rate.
* Fixed ship special stats bug for energy use.
* Fixed mining laser center position for model 5.
* Fixed morale loss for defending miners and transports.
* Fixed profession stats bug when skill is trained.
* Adjust reduction of ore value based on miner level.
* Adjusted scrollview clamp on all station services.
* Adjusted 2 modslots on pirate_carrier, dead turret bug.
* Adjusted market item display routine.
* Adjusted market display information for market list items.
* Adjusted market mouse over data to include new details.
* Adjusted market sell item UI anchors.
* Adjusted mining XP calculation formula.
* Adjusted formation lock icon toggle color.
* Added button to toggle number of market items per page.
* Added Mission filtering to the station missions panel.
* Added error checking for market buying 0 qty.
* Added NPC ship loot drops.
* Added new mouse over item tooltip format.
* Added additional mouse over data for module items.
* Added additional mouse over data for drone items.
* Added additional mouse over data for bomb items.
* Added additional mouse over data for spec documents.
* Added additional mouse over data for Ammo.
* Added additional mouse over data for Ore.
* Added toggle HOTKEY for Journal.
* Added Journal HOTKEY in new player_options.txt file.
* Added Journal hotkey to OPTIONS hotkeys panel.
* Added Search functionality to the station Market.
* Added Search functionality to the station Univeristy.
* Added Search functionality to the station Missions.
high rated
BUILD 0.0065
* Fixed GPS destination bug.
* Fixed GPS system for more intuitive use.
* Fixed mining beam level bug causing bad missions.
high rated
BUILD 0.0067
* Fixed duplicate pilot name bug in sandbox.
* Fixed a few slider displays for consistency.
* Fixed bad descriptions on a few sliders.
* Fixed LS time display bug in sandbox galaxy.
* Fixed mission payment display bug.
* Fixed afterburner warp bug while holding shift.
* Adjusted the skills generator for sandbox.
* Adjusted the function of the sector security slider.
* Adjusted the generation of sector security levels.
* Adjusted the base sandbox ship cost modifier.
* Adjusted the base sandbox speed calc for refinery.
* Adjusted the base sandbox speed calc for fabricator.
* Adjusted slider for refinery speed.
* Adjusted slider for fabrication speed.
* Adjusted adamyte resource for better performance.
* Added Life Support slider back into extra options.
* Added mission payment breakdown to mission overview.
high rated
BUILD 0.0068
* Fixed game crash with warpgate gps recursive loop.
* Fixed faction bug not calculating sandbox settings.
* Fixed runaway negative faction rating bug.
* Fixed screen scale ui bug on generate button.
* Fixed GPS toggle on failed jump thru unexplored sec.
* Fixed double listing bug on market item sale.
* Fixed market item bloating with constant sales.
* Fixed autodock and station denied lock up loop bug.
* Fixed faction rating falling below -10.
* Adjusted unexplored sectors icons show no names.
* Adjusted how warpgates are generated and placed.
* Adjusted unexplored sectors gps clicking.
* Added notification for invalid GPS links.
* Added new GPS indicators for unexplored, and proxy.
high rated
BUILD 0.0069
* Fixed BSB bug dealing with bad item ids from mods.
* Fixed bug dealing with sandbox and raider spawn table.
* Fixed sandbox generator spawning ore in low sectors.
* Fixed options bloom value save bug.
* Fixed bug that stop modules when skill training completes.
* Fixed durability display bug on module mouse over.
* Adjusted laser ammo collider box size.
* Adjusted WALLPAPER code for sandbox for max screenshots.
* Adjusted Sandbox asset loading sequence.
* Adjusted law enforcement to ignore HSE game mode.
* Added frame rate limiter to sandbox, title, and new campaign.
* Added new module targeting overlay mouseover.
* Added gamemode sector data to generator.
* Added new description format for gamemodes.
* Added new gamemode desc files in object folder.
* Added HSE gamemode to sandbox.
* Added HSE gamemode bonus to map clearing.
high rated
BUILD 0.0070a
- Fixed XP bug dealing with ammo.
- Fixed SHIFT afterburner warp bug locking AB on.
- Fixed duplicate station names in same sector.
- Fixed sandbox station frequency slider max value bug.
- Fixed galaxy map bug showing last loaded game sectors.
- Fixed bug preventing drones from mining missions.
- Fixed carry over bug from sandbox to campaign blocking gates.
- Adjusted mining drones to use harvest rate modifier.
- Adjusted crates, they don't take damage anymore.
- Adjusted the tactical plane grid.
- Adjusted XP gain calculations for npc ships.
- Adjusted XP gain caluculations for all modules.
- Adjusted engine effects for all 10 engine parts.
- Adjusted garage special buttons layout.
- Adjusted sandbox station level slider value.
- Adjusted all collision detection calcs for projectiles.
- Added collision filtering for better performance.
- Added collision sorting to all projectils.
- Added engine color options panel to garage.
- Added new model and textures for Lokken ore.
- Added new model and textures for Torim ore.
- Added new merc icons in station for easy cargo access.
high rated
BUILD 0.0071
- Fixed scaling bug with sandbox panel.
- Fixed LS extra option to save as sandbox option.
- Fixed engine thrust color bug on part engine_0.
- Fixed long decimal numbers for factions on mission panel.
- Fixed BlackScreen bug on sandbox 500 max stations.
- Fixed ship resistance bug for impact, energy, explosive.
- Fixed resistance stats bug for negative numbers.
- Fixed ship cloak and ecm resistance bug with negative numbers.
- Fixed NPC merc cargo market exploit.
- Fixed NPC negative cargo bug from market exploit.
- Fixed map bug with aoe_trigger not clearing on mapload.
- Fixed merc formation bug with hire, de-activate, fire.
- Adjusted lighting on title screen.
- Added Passive Scan Ping filtering system in Target panel.
high rated
BUILD 0.0072, new special item drops.
- Fixed energy recharge exploit when swapping ships.
- Fixed HSE gamemode undock bug clearing of sector.
- Fixed 2 character limit prefab id in item editor.
- Fixed 0 price sell order bug.
- Fixed mouseover bg sizing bug.
- Fixed engine color bug panel bug overlapping.
- Fixed mis-aligned texture on large adamyte rocks.
- Adjusted mission generator to prevent recovering ammo.
- Adjusted the item Mouseovers to include the item state.
- Adjusted formation code to make the mercs behave.
- Adjusted overall light generation for sectors in sandbox.
- Adjusted the new campaign, sandbox, saves with db file.
- Adjusted the markets to allow for buy / sell of special items.
- Adjusted station merc panel position to allow for easy access.
- Adjusted layout and colors of BUY and SELL item windows.
- Added input fields for QTY in station markets.
- Added new special items database file to player save folders.
- Added new special items generator to raider loot drops.
- Added new special_items.txt for modding special item drops.
- Added Active modules to special raider loot drops.
- Added Passive modules to special raider loot drops.
- Added hotkeys '[' and ']' to control game speed.
- Added notifications for gamespeed hotkeys.

The main gist of this update is the addition of the new special items. Veterans of the original Astrox HSE will remember the Rare, Epic, and Artifact items. All game modes will provide this new feature. The game will automatically adjust any existing saved games so that the new items will appear.

Currently, you CAN sell these items on the market, and you can REBUY them, but the markets will NOT generate special items. Missions however will. You may find yourself facing a tough choice over failing a mission to keep the transport item.


Here is how the generation is currently working. There is a 20% chance that a raider will attempt to drop a special item. If this attempt is successful, the new file located in the objects folder (special_items.txt) will be used to determine if and what type of special item will be dropped.

There are 2 types of special items at this point. The Active modules, and the Passive modules. Active modules make use of the LUCK variable in the special_items.txt file. Each Active module has 7 attributes that can be modified. The LUCK factor will determine how many of these attributes will receive a boost. Artifact items will have a much higher chance of boosting multiple attributes, where Rare items will be lucky to have more than 1 boosted attribute.

Colors are currently unused, but will so color the text of these special items wherever they are displayed.
high rated
BUILD 0.0073
- Fixed sandbox bug not properly distributing drone skills.
- Fixed cutoff text on item descriptions in market display.
- Adjusted code that deal with faction drops for NPC kills.
high rated
BUILD 0.0074
- Fixed merc list panel refresh bug upon merc hire.
- Fixed merc list panel refresh for activating merc.
- Fixed merc list panel refresh for deactivating merc.
- Fixed bug allowing cargo click of deactive merc.
- Fixed modtools defaulting to item editor.
- Fixed drone mouse over bug in command panel.
- Fixed out of stock bug in event generator.
- Fixed beam module energy buff calculation bug.
- Adjusted item mouse over display.
- Adjusted bg image for all item types.
- Adjusted the sector lighting generation code for sandbox.
- Adjusted background skybox lighting.
- Adjusted economic qty modifier in the event generator.
- Adjusted mercs to no longer carry unusable drones.
- Added new model and texture for Torim ore.
- Added merc de-active indicator to station merc list.
- Added toggle buttons for open and close all panels.
high rated
BUILD 0.0075
- Fixed background mouse over image on command panel drones.
- Fixed special item bonus value for passive drone modules.
- Fixed special item bonus value for passive targeting modules.
- Fixed bug preventing uninstalling bad special passive modules.
- Fixed storage space available calculation bug.
- Fixed showing both storage bays at the same time.
- Fixed module display data for ECM modules.
- Fixed module elevation rendering on individual turrets.
- Fixed background highlight for garage special items.
- Fixed energy recharge bug due to bad sandbox calculation.
- Fixed shield recharge bug from bad sandbox calculation.
- Fixed fabrication base speed calculation.
- Fixed right click garage item bug on empty slots.
- Adjusted mesh combine script for all turrets.
- Adjusted all storage inventory code for faster performance.
- Adjusted the sorting of inventory items to retain position.
- Adjusted module rotation code to detect vertical orientation.
- Adjusted turret targeting for better performance.
- Added partial transfer from NPC cargo to Refinery.
- Added partial transfer from SHIP cargo to Refinery.
- Added partial transfer from STORAGE to Refinery.
- Added partial transfer from SHIP cargo to Storage.
- Added improved slider control to module rotation.
- Added slider for module mobility adjustments.
high rated
BUILD 0.0076
- Fixed bad name in station name file.
- Fixed hangar side scroll button alignment anchors.
- Adjusted hangar side scroll button sizes.
- Adjusted the garage mobility slider min / max.
- Adjusted station interior structures layout.
- Adjusted and improved interior structure texture.
- Adjusted FOV for station interior camera.
- Adjusted and improved market inventory display code.
- Adjusted min level for mission generation.
- Adjusted station layout and lighting.
- Updated Unity engine to 2019.2.4f1
- Added traffic particles to station interior.
- Added new Plasite ore model and texture.
- Added new indicator for module elevation in garage.
- Added improved detail 4k textures to all ship parts.
high rated
- Fixed market exploit bug.
- Fixed targeting scan speed not being modified by gamespeed.
- Fixed player ship turning during game pause.
- Fixed npc ships moving during game pause.
- Fixed event text showing (PERSON_2) in news.
- Fixed beam weapon fx losing focus on target.
- Fixed saved game when dead bug.
- Fixed special drone bay garage uninstall bug.
- Fixed merc cargo market drag game crash bug.
- Fixed max armor bug when purchasing new ship.
- Adjusted beam weapon to smoothly follow target after strike.
- Adjusted intro text size and background color.
- Adjusted mouse sensitivity limits on the game options panel.
- Added pause into gamespeed bracket hotkeys cycle.

BUILD 0.0078
- Fixed galaxy map toggle button last zoom distance.
- Fixed missing ship icon for icon_constellation.png
- Fixed GameSpeed and Emergency Life Support timer.
- Fixed credits log bug when aborting tutorial missions.
- Fixed duplicate sector name bug in sandbox.
- Fixed cargo storage panel bug on stations without storage.
- Fixed max mercs formation bug.
- Adjusted merc formations for escorts.
- Adjusted the Cops hostility towards random, untargeted shots.
- Adjusted the Cops AI to recognize who is currently targeting.
- Adjusted the Cops reaction time to emergency calls from npcs.
- Adjusted Vsync and framerate config on title screen.
- Adjusted Mission details to warn you about low cargo space.
- Adjusted raider spawn trigger, now based on global timer.
- Adjusted raider global timer for sector security.
- Adjusted raider AI targeting selection.
- Adjusted max raider spawn count to sector security level.
- Adjusted raider spawn point distance based on security level.
- Adjusted sector name generator in sandbox.
- Adjusted campaign market buy profit bonus to 10%.
- Adjusted campaign market sell profit bonus to 10%.
- Adjusted pricing calculations for all market item sales.
- Adjusted markets to remove all duplicate items.
- Added 3 passive warp drive modules to the item database.
- Added new model and texture for Electron orb resource.
- Added warp ability to ship objects.
- Added warp UI to galaxy map, shows distance and fuel req.
- Added warning message when warp drive fuel is low.
- Added warp complete notification with details.
- Added warp drive modules to various campaign station markets.
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high rated
BUILD 0.0081
- Fixed mission header bar horizontal scaling.
- Fixed double mission listing bug.
- Fixed item count display bug on cargo panel.
- Fixed storage count display bug on storage panel.
- Fixed duplicate inventory space bug in fabricator.
- Fixed mercs attempting to mine salvage.
- Fixed sandbox crit hit and crit mod options.
- Fixed sandbox resource rarity slider bug.
- Fixed XP bug caused by sell orders.
- Fixed tactical refresh bug for mission objects.
- Fixed warp fuel calc bug with 2d 3d map views.
- Fixed bad hotkey display for passive scan pulse.
- Fixed profession bonus display stats on garage items.
- Fixed double university skill refresh bug.
- Fixed mission message bug not showing others completed.
- Fixed skill display for Max targets, missions, mercs.
- Fixed alt drag from storage to fabricator refresh.
- Fixed capacity text display in fabricator.
- Fixed save docking bug at all structures.
- Fixed load save bug when docked at mission structure.
- Fixed drag qty button colors to match UI colors.
- Fixed text bug from scaled UI on shipyard panel.
- Adjusted Ship skill class into SHIP and PILOT skills.
- Adjusted garage mouse over item text sizing.
- Adjusted ship thrust ramp up speed for better nav.
- Adjusted ship speed display for meters per second.
- Adjusted ship dock distance for stations.
- Adjusted skill buff function for better performance.
- Adjusted sandbox station base level from 0 to 1
- Adjusted mission specific npcs, no more ecm cloaking.
- Adjusted market buy and sell item price mod values.
- Adjusted ship to require 1 point of energy to thrust.
- Adjusted save and load code for better performance.
- Adjusted shipyard lighting on ship carousel.
- Adjusted Toggle all panels open to include missions.
- Adjusted shipyard ships UI size and display.
- Adjusted the shipyard camera to allow full rotation.
- Added chat mission timer to NPC target hud.
- Added sorting for skill class in university.
- Added new skill PILOT class into university sorting.
- Added descriptions to all mining modules items.
- Added ECM engine malfunction text to speed bar.
- Added capacity max limit to fabricator inventory.
- Added ability to adjust item icon sizes in cargo.
- Added Halloween title screen.