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Changing resolution seems to fix the issue if only for the duration of the game session.

Hi, I played your demo and am now playing the full game and I noticed a couple of things:

1. I was fighting in the demo and decided to try and make it feel more like Star Fox so I hit the Invert Y-Axis and nothing changed. I held off on posting until I could try the full game and it doesn't work in the full game either so it would be nice if that was fixed.

2. There are two targeting reticles/boxes or whatever you want to call them. Is the further(or smaller) one meant to always be inside the closer(or bigger) one or is it supposed to work like in, for example, Star Fox 64 where the smaller one gives more indication of where the shot will end up?

ADDENDUM: It seems that the Inverted Y-Axis problem is now resolved. I don't know if they are related, they shouldn't be, but after I checked the graphics and found the resolution set 3890x2160 and when I set it to 1920x1080 I suddenly didn't have the problem anymore. I did however not try to fly before I checked the graphics so I don't know if there is an actual correlation.

ADDENDUM 2: I fired it up earlier and it the Invert-Y axis didn't work again. I did change the resolution and suddenly it worked again. There is definitely some causal relationship there.
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