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Well, it looks like there will be 2 seperate versions of Ashes Of The Singularity soon.

Here is a link to the developer post:

(Scroll down to "Expansion News")

Will this new game split the already small AotS community?
And will this new game even get released on GOG?
It definitely will be released on gog I don't doubt about it.

I wonder only if gog will remove Ashes of the Singularity then from the store since the Escalation expandalone will include all the content from Ashes minus dlc which will also be available for Escalation. I mean there is no point in selling Ashes a beta version of Escalation. Especially since its priced the same as the base game. I mean it will include all the maps and campaigns from the vanilla game.

It really needs to be removed after Escalation gets released. Its basically a rip-off job.
Post edited September 02, 2016 by Matruchus
Fucking DLC mania have finally got a hold on GOG. I'm glad I waited buying this. Maybe Escalation will be worth the price?